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Labofix fixed volume micropipettes

20 November, 2009 by

Labofix fixed volume micropipettes complete the adjustable volume Pluripet ll range and 10 models offer a choice of volume range from 5 to 1000 µL.

Eppendorf Research plus multipipette

20 November, 2009

Eppendorf’s pipette line Research plus is now available. The multipipette electronic model is available as a special edition.

Ergonomic electronic pipettes

19 November, 2009

Viaflo has released the Vision and Voyager range of electronic pipettes, designed for comfort and ease of use.

Socorex Acura Electro electronic pipette

01 October, 2009

The Socorex Acura Electro electronic pipette has a 4.8 V battery for longer usage times. The pipette combines the ease of manual pipetting with the versatility of electronic programming.

Pipette tips

10 August, 2009 by

LabAdvantage One Touch Tips are dual shot pipette tips that feature a soft top, making it easy for sealing to almost any pipette and a rigid clear polypropylene tip.

Ergonomic digital pipettors

10 August, 2009

Axygen Ergonomic Digital Pipettors provide accuracy, precision and comfort in one of the most universally used laboratory tools.

Fluid aspiration

09 June, 2009 by

Vacuubrand’s BVC 21 NT family can be used for safe and efficient fluid aspiration with applications in biochemistry, medicine and life sciences, including supernatant aspiration from microtitre plates, petri dishes and cell culture bottles.

Automated diluting and pipetting

09 June, 2009 by

The WellPro 3000 liquid handling device facilitates high-throughput screening as it can operate in either a 12-channel mode for 96-well plates or 24-channel for 384-well plates.

Serological pipette

05 June, 2009 by

Excel Scientific’s redesigned 50 mL serological pipettes are constructed from high-clarity virgin polystyrene.

Electronic pipetters

05 June, 2009 by

Biohit eLine electronic pipetters are certified with ISO 13485/17025/9001 accreditations, including CE/IVD medical device certification. They offer rapid pipetting with high accuracy and precision.

Automated pipetting system

05 June, 2009 by

The epMotion 5075 TMX automated pipetter features an integrated Thermomixer to shake and heat or cool sample tubes and plates.

Lightweight pipette controller

07 May, 2009

Fatigue-free, the CappAid pipette controller accommodates common glass or plastic pipettes ranging from 100 µL to 100 mL. It features a lithium battery with no memory effect and a battery life allowing 12 hours continuous use. Fill a 50 mL pipette in less than 10 seconds.

Environmentally friendly pipette

08 April, 2009 by

The Capp Ecopipette is a light, ergonomically designed pipette made from eco-friendly materials selected and constructed to provide a long life cycle.

Automated pipetting platform

08 April, 2009 by

The MicroLab Nimbus automated pipetting platform from Hamilton Company offers a high-density deck layout in a compact footprint. The system makes quick work of plate replication, low-volume reagent addition and serial dilution jobs and can handle demanding tasks such as MALDI spotting, PCR sample preparation, DNA/RNA extraction, ELISA and SPE applications.

OEM liquid handling robot

08 April, 2009

Tecan has developed the Cavro Omni Robot, a general-purpose OEM liquid handling robot for a wide range of applications within clinical diagnostic, life sciences and analytical chemistry.

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