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Nanopatterning at the Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication

10 May, 2021

Minister for Education and Youth Alan Tudge has unveiled the latest addition to the ANFF's portfolio of open-access R&D capabilities: the EULITHA PhableR 100.

Cartilage-mimicking material inspired by nature

04 May, 2021

Engineers have developed a material that mimics human cartilage — and it could herald the development of a new generation of lightweight bearings.

Nanocarbon material made from crab shells

12 April, 2021

Researchers from Osaka University have developed a nanocarbon material for electronics applications made from chitin derived from crab shells.

Zirconium helps create super-strong composite materials

08 February, 2021

Introducing a layer of zirconium atoms between sheets of aluminium oxide and tungsten carbide creates exceptionally strong composite materials.

A one-step process for creating self-assembled metamaterials

15 January, 2021

Researchers have made a breakthrough that could lead to the creation of 'built-to-order' nanostructures for use in electronics and optical devices.

Scientists grow a carbon nanotube forest of record length

19 November, 2020

Japanese scientists have used a novel technique to grow a 'forest' of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) with greater length than has ever before been recorded.

Ultratough pollen grains turned into soft particles

27 October, 2020

Scientists have found a way to turn ultratough pollen into a soft and flexible material, using a simple chemical process akin to conventional soap-making.

SARS-Cov-2 can survive up to 28 days on surfaces

13 October, 2020

SARS-CoV-2 can survive for up to 28 days on common surfaces including banknotes, glass — such as that found on mobile phone screens — and stainless steel.

Chameleon-like defence drones can change colour on demand

14 September, 2020

Material scientists have developed lightweight panels that can change colour on demand, allowing drones to match their appearance to the colours of the sky.

Materials testing with machine learning

25 March, 2020

By incorporating the latest advances in machine learning with nano-indentation, it is possible to improve the precision of the estimates of material properties by as much as 20 times.

'Atomaterials' centre seeks to transform everyday devices

13 February, 2020

Researchers from Swinburne University of Technology are on a mission to create materials and products with unprecedented functionalities.

Scientists create atom-thick amorphous film

07 February, 2020

Previously thought to be impossible, the discovery of monolayer amorphous carbon (MAC) could settle a decades-old debate of exactly how atoms are arranged in amorphous solids.

Antimicrobial fibre made from crab shells and seaweed

03 February, 2020

Researchers have created a new kind of fibre from a combination of chitin nanoparticles — extracted from residual blue crab shells — and alginate, a compound found in seaweed.

'Chameleon metals' change surfaces in response to heat

21 January, 2020

Treating particles of liquid metal alloys with heat causes them to roughen their surfaces with tiny spheres or nanowires. Control the heat and you can control the surface patterns.

Polymer fibres: light, strong and tough

14 January, 2020

One individual fibre is as thin as a human hair and weighs less than a fruit fly, yet is very strong: it can lift a weight of 30 grams without tearing.

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