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Hanna Instruments edge pH, EC and DO meter

24 November, 2023

Hanna Instruments' edge pH, EC and DO meter is a hybrid meter that can be used in portable, wall-mount and benchtop configurations for professionals from various industries.

Sophion Bioscience QPatch Compact semi-automated patch clamp solution

01 September, 2023

QPatch Compact, by Sophion Bioscience, is a flexible, semi-automated patch clamp solution that is suitable for applications such as ion channel research and drug discovery.

Scientifica PatchScope Pro patch clamp rigs for cultured cell electrophysiology

02 February, 2023

The PatchScope Pro range of fully integrated electrophysiology rigs, from Scientifica, is specifically designed for patching with field stimulation and local perfusion in single cells, cultures or monolayers.

LabCo pH Electrode

07 October, 2022

The LabCo pH Electrode is a combination Ag/AgCl reference type electrode. It measures the entire pH range from 0 to 14 and it can be used in temperatures from 0 to 100°C.

Molecular Devices MultiClamp 700B Microelectrode Amplifier

11 March, 2022

The MultiClamp 700B Microelectrode Amplifier is a computer-controlled microelectrode current- and voltage-clamp amplifier for electrophysiology and electrochemistry.

HEMCO neutralisation tanks

27 August, 2021

HEMCO's neutralisation tanks are designed to dilute and neutralise laboratory waste and concentrated corrosives.

ABB AWT210 analytical transmitter

15 July, 2019

ABB's AWT210 single-channel, 2-wire transmitter is used for the measurement and control of pH, redox (ORP) and conductivity in hazardous and non-hazardous industrial applications.

Westlab pH Probe Double Junction BNC

24 April, 2019

The Westlab pH Probe Double Junction BNC allows for flexibility and durability in demanding applications. Fitting most meters in the market, the probe has a good lifespan and will give quick response and correct results.

Cancer-detecting probe enters clinical trial

29 June, 2017

A fibre-optic cancer-detecting probe that is said to improve clinical outcomes for patients has entered clinical trials thanks to assistance from Flinders biomedical engineers and state government funding.

OHAUS Starter 300 portable pH meter

01 April, 2016

OHAUS precision is now available in the form of a portable pH meter. The portable meter offers convenience and durability in one compact design.

OHAUS Starter 5000 high-performance bench meter

25 February, 2016

Backed by OHAUS's commitment to providing precise measurement, the Starter 5000 provides pH and ORP measurement for high-level experiments and research.

Horiba LAQUAtwin meter range

03 November, 2014

Horiba's LAQUAtwin meter range allows measurements of critical parameters in water and food to be tested accurately and have results available within seconds.

Looking inside a working lithium-ion battery

13 October, 2014

For the first time, researchers have been able to open a kind of window into the inner workings of a lithium-ion battery. Using a neutron beam, the researchers were able to track the flow of lithium atoms into and out of an electrode in real time as a battery charged and discharged.

Metrohm 912 Conductometer, 913 pH Meter and 914 pH/Conductometer

05 September, 2014

Metrohm has available the 912 Conductometer, the 913 pH Meter and the 914 pH/Conductometer. Robust and easy to use, the meters are both precision instruments for the laboratory and companions for mobile use in the field.

Mettler-Toledo FiveGo pH FG2 pH meter

27 August, 2014

The FiveGo pH is a handy, portable meter that provides rapid and reliable results on the go. The device can be used in applications including the field, the laboratory, the food and beverage sector, agriculture, industry, water and the environment.

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