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Alicat Scientific electronic digital pressure/flow controllers

14 February, 2011 by

The Alicat Scientific electronic digital pressure/flow controllers are claimed to be more precise than standard valve-type pressure controllers and have a variety of output options including 0-5 V, 0-10 V and 4-20 mA and RS232.

Gonotec Osmomat 030 Cryoscopic Osmometer

20 September, 2010 by

An updated version of the Gonotec Osmomat 030 Cryoscopic Osmometer is available with option 3P that allows calibration with water and two further adjustable calibration points, creating a more reliable and accurate standard curve.

Gems Sensors & Controls CAP-100/-200 capacitive liquid level sensors

06 August, 2010 by

Gems Sensors & Controls CAP-100 and CAP-200 Series capacitive liquid level sensors offer a level-sensing solution for a wide variety of bottle types including plastic, glass and fibreglass. These compact sensors are suitable for medical applications such as waste, reagent or diluent liquids as well as dark, sticky or viscous fluids. Easy to calibrate, both sensor series are available in both aqueous and non-aqueous versions and can be delivered with factory preset sensitivity for quick installation for OEM orders. They may also be used as a proximity sensor to detect the presence of solids such as paper or pulp.

NAMSA Spore Strips, Mini Spore Strips and Spore Discs

30 March, 2010 by

NAMSA offers a full range of Spore Strips for use in monitoring sterilisation processes including: ethylene oxide (B. atropheus), dry heat (B. atropheus), steam (G. stearothermophilus) and radiation (B. pumilus). The products are also suitable for monitoring plasma sterilisation processes using hydrogen peroxide, for example - hydrogen peroxide sanitisation of biological cabinets. The Spore Strips are 6 x 30 mm in size and are packaged in glassine envelopes in packs of 100.

Control Company Traceable conductivity/TDS/salinity meter

21 January, 2010 by

The Control Company Traceable conductivity/TDS/salinity meter is designed for routine analysis and quality control, and suitable applications include laboratory, R&D and pharmaceutical.

PCB 3991/3501 series shock accelerometers

13 November, 2009 by

The PCB 3991/3501 series of MEMS shock accelerometers are suitable for miniature, high-amplitude, DC-response acceleration sensors, capable of measuring long duration transient motion and responding to and surviving extremely fast rise-times typical of high-g shock events. They are supplied in packaged and OEM configurations and are suitable for a variety of installation requirements.

Algae monitoring

10 August, 2009 by

The bbe Modaenke AlgaeTorch allows rapid measurement of toxic algae in water used for drinking and recreation purposes. The handheld device allows a measurement of total algae and blue-green algae, the most common source of toxic blooms. There is a display on the instrument so users can instantly assess whether there is a health risk in water to be used for drinking, swilling, skiing etc, rather than needing to wait for laboratory test results.

Dewpoint hygrometer

10 August, 2009 by

The Michell Instruments MDM300 advanced dewpoint hygrometer can be used to accurately measure dewpoints as low as -70 °C in less than 10 minutes.

Temperature measuring system

05 June, 2009 by

The Datapaq Food Tracker temperature profiling system measures the actual product and ambient temperature during cook/fry/chill processes.

Ultrasonic flaw detector

05 June, 2009

The ultrasonic TUD 320 flaw detector from Time Group uses pulse echo, dual and through-transmission to perform its flaw detection functions.

Temperature and humidity monitor

08 April, 2009 by

The Saveris measurement system measures temperature and humidity values in the environment and in processes. The easy-to-use system features radio probes that save their measurement data and send it to the central base at regular intervals.

Colour analyser

08 April, 2009 by

The ColorQA is a colour comparison device that digitally measures the colour of a target and then allows the user to sample any number of comparison colours to determine a match.

Water activity meter

08 April, 2009 by

The Aqualab Series 4 water activity meter features an intuitive menu navigation, easy-to-clean sensor area and data storage to provide high functionality and utility for operators.

Temperature monitor

08 April, 2009 by

The TM-3 Three-Scale Thermistor Temperature Monitor is designed for accurate temperature measurement. It is a portable thermometer that features celsius, fahrenheit and kelvin scales in a large, easy-to-read display.

Ohm meter

08 April, 2009 by

The KoCoS Promet 100 Precision Ohm meter is suited to tasks including earth bond and weld testing, as well as circuit breaker main contact testing. The device interfaces with the KoCoS range of ACTAS (Advanced Circuit Breaker Test and Analysis Systems) instrumentation.

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