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The role of weighing equipment in microbiology

07 October, 2021

Moisture analysers and analytical and semi-micro balances are important tools for carrying out tasks in microbiology.

A Balancing Act: Integrating Weighing Systems into your Workflow

01 October, 2021 by Simone Jalocha

Sartorius supplies the full Cubis II laboratory balances portfolio to Thermo Fisher Scientific, from ultra-micro to high capacity that can be integrated into any laboratory weighing workflow.

Linearity in weighing instruments: an explainer

20 July, 2021

What is linearity? Why should you care? What does it mean in the weighing industry? Why are there plus and minus symbols?

Adam Equipment Highland precision compact balances

01 June, 2021

With strong ABS construction, an audible alarm that warns users if capacity is exceeded and its ShockProtect feature that offers advanced overload protection, the Highland is suitable for rigorous weighing demands in laboratories or in the field.

Adam Equipment Luna laboratory balances

01 March, 2021

Available in both analytical and precision models, Luna's design combines an elegant form with intuitive function.

Ugo Basile Librae Incapacitance Tester

14 September, 2020

The Librae Incapacitance Tester by Ugo Basile has been designed to add speed and accuracy to weight distribution measurements in injured mice and rats.

Adam Equipment Luna lab balances

02 March, 2020

Adam Equipment's Luna lab balances are available in both analytical and precision models. They offer a wide variety of applications for everyday lab use.

Adam Equipment Solis laboratory balances

01 March, 2020

The range of Solis laboratory balances includes semi-micro, analytical and precision models that combine intuitive operation with acute precision for complex weighing tasks.

Definition of the kilogram officially changed

20 May, 2019

Scientists have officially changed the definition of the kilogram to be based on the Planck constant — a fundamental constant of nature that is inherently stable.

HEMCO SSE balance enclosure

10 April, 2019

The SSE balance enclosure, from HEMCO, is designed to sit on an island or peninsula location with access on two sides for student labs and light-duty procedures.

Sartorius Cubis II Modular Balances

01 April, 2019

The Cubis II from Sartorius is a completely configurable, high-performance portfolio of balance hardware and software that will align with each user's demands and compliance requirements to maximise operational efficiency and experimental outcomes.

S-Beam load cells for IV bag weighing

20 December, 2018

The FUTEK LSB200 Jr. Miniature S-Beam Load Cell will measure the tension force applied by an IV bag.

OHAUS Pioneer PX5 semi-micro balance with five decimal place readability

01 September, 2018

The Pioneer PX5 combines essential weighing functionality with competitive performance. It is intuitively designed for intelligent operation and suitable for laboratory and research applications.

Sartorius Cubis MSA116P high-capacity microbalance

01 April, 2018

The Cubis MSA116P high-capacity microbalance has been designed to weigh small samples directly into large laboratory containers. This procedure eliminates critical process parameters entailing the risk of inaccuracy, such as quantitative transfer of samples.

Redefining the kilogram

29 January, 2018 by National Research Foundation

The standard unit for mass will soon have a new definition.

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