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'Programmable droplets' could replace pipettes

16 February, 2018 by Lauren Davis

MIT researchers are replacing the humble pipette with lab-on-a-chip technology that uses electric fields to move droplets of biological solutions around a surface.

Sartorius Sartoclear Dynamics Lab P15 kit for clarification and filtration of mammalian cell culture

01 February, 2018 | Supplied by: Sartorius Australia Pty Ltd

The convenient, ready-to-use Sartoclear Dynamics Lab P15 kit combines a syringe pre-filled with a filter aid for clarification and an integrated 0.2 μm polyethersulfone filter for sterile filtration.

LIEBHERR Laboratory Refrigerators with Profi controller

01 February, 2018 | Supplied by: Andi-Co Australia

The LIEBHERR Laboratory Refrigerators with Profi controller are German engineered and equipped with features and functions to securely store the user's valuable samples and reagents safely at precise, temperature-controlled conditions.

Lab-on-a-chip used to study single bacterial cells

01 February, 2018

European researchers have set up a lab-on-a-chip, hardly bigger than a matchbox in size, which enables them to study gene regulation in single bacterial cells.

Attension Sigma 700/701 for surface tension measurement

01 February, 2018 | Supplied by: ATA Scientific Pty Ltd

The Attension Sigma 700/701 is a fully automated force tensiometer used to study material properties such as wettability, adsorption, adhesion and more.

Redefining the kilogram

29 January, 2018 by National Research Foundation

The standard unit for mass will soon have a new definition.

Krüss ADVANCE surface science software

23 January, 2018 | Supplied by: Scientex Pty Ltd

ADVANCE software is designed to be a universal platform for all KRÜSS measuring instruments and now also supports the high-end K100 tensiometer. The software displays the logical workflow of scientific measurements on an intuitive user interface.

Rheosys Merlin VR Viscometer/Rheometer

22 January, 2018 | Supplied by: Scientex Pty Ltd

The Rheosys Merlin VR is a versatile instrument that can easily generate precise data in terms of viscosity, flow curves and yield stress. It is suitable for investigating the mixing, stirring and pumping behaviour of coatings, emulsions and dispersions, as well as for performing conventional flow and viscosity profile experiments.

High-throughput screening just got 10 times faster

19 January, 2018

Scientists have made high-throughput screening process, often used in drug discovery, 10 times faster than previous methods.

Attension Theta optical tensiometer

01 January, 2018 | Supplied by: ATA Scientific Pty Ltd

The Attension Theta is a versatile optical tensiometer or contact angle meter used to characterise surfaces and interfaces between gas, liquid and solid phases.

LabCo electronic pipettor

01 January, 2018 | Supplied by: Labtek

The LabCo electronic pipettor is a versatile, motor-driven pipetting instrument designed to deliver precise performance in liquid handling. Its design and operation are based on the principle of air displacement and use disposable pipette tips.

Huber Minichillers and Unichillers

18 December, 2017 | Supplied by: Scitek Australia Pty Ltd

Huber Minichillers and Unichillers are suitable for environmentally friendly cooling in laboratory and industry applications. There are several air- and water-cooled models available, with cooling powers from 0.3 to 20 kW and efficient energy management.

Technology partnership to treat ANSTO's radioactive waste

14 December, 2017

ANSTO and Swedish company Quintus Technologies have formed a new technology partnership that will play a crucial role in treating waste arising from nuclear medicine production.

Kirsch LABEX-Series explosion-proof fridge

01 December, 2017 | Supplied by: Capella Science

The Kirsch LABEX-Series is certified to ATEX standards.The unit's interior is intrinsically safe and the whole interior is grounded to avoid static loading. This ensures maximum user safety, combined with temperature uniformity and low deviation across the whole cabinet.

Promega Maxwell modular automated nucleic acid preparation system

23 November, 2017 | Supplied by: Promega Pty Ltd

Promega has developed a modular automated liquid handling and purification system for its Maxwell nucleic acid preparation, which is said to offer labs more compared to large all-in-one instruments.

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