Lab equipment

Malvern MicroCal PEAQ-ITC for studying biomolecular interactions with high sensitivity

01 March, 2024 | Supplied by: ATA Scientific Pty Ltd

The MicroCal PEAQ-ITC is suitable for measuring binding affinities and investigating a diverse array of biomolecular interactions.

Gravimetric sensors to improve greenhouse gas detection

21 February, 2024

The sensors can be used to record greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, water vapour, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and diesel fuel molecules.

Oxygenation trial to combat fish deaths in Darling River

21 February, 2024 | Supplied by: Linde Australia

In recent years, mass fish deaths have occurred in the Darling River as a result of low dissolved oxygen levels caused by weather conditions and changes in local waterways.

UMD Q-Dots QR-coded asset labels

21 February, 2024 | Supplied by: Unique Micro Design Pty Ltd

The labels are printed at a high resolution, allowing them to easily be read by standard 2D barcode readers and smartphones. Each label has a unique number within the series.

TOPTICA CW Raman Fiber Amplifiers

16 February, 2024 | Supplied by: Lastek Pty Ltd

TOPTICA's Raman Fiber Amplifiers (RFAs) cover the wavelength range from 1120 to 1370 nm that is not accessible by Yb or Er fibre amplifiers. For wavelengths outside this range, users can enquire about a custom system.

Researchers boost resilience of gold catalysts

16 February, 2024

Japanese researchers have discovered a way to improve the durability of gold catalysts by creating a protective layer of metal oxide clusters.

Rainin EarthRack biodegradable pipette tip rack

15 February, 2024 | Supplied by: Mettler-Toledo Ltd

The EarthRack's base and lid are made from purified cellulose fibres sourced from ultra-renewable bamboo and bagasse, a by-product of sugar cane farming.

Is it possible to write in water?

12 February, 2024

Researchers set themselves the challenge of how to write in water without fixing substrates, similar to the way aircraft leave vapour trails behind them when they cross the sky.

High-speed droplet production achieved in microfluidic devices

09 February, 2024

A new microfluidic system utilises porous inverse colloidal crystal structures to dramatically improve the efficiency of microdroplet generation.

ABB Robotics partners with METTLER TOLEDO, XtalPi on lab automation

07 February, 2024 | Supplied by: ABB Australia Pty Ltd

ABB Robotics has signed an MoU with METTLER TOLEDO, and entered a strategic partnership with XtalPi, to support laboratory automation.

Malvern Panalytical Zetasizer Advance series for particle size measurement of fluorescent samples

01 February, 2024 | Supplied by: ATA Scientific Pty Ltd

The latest Zetasizer systems offer updated measurement features, hardware capabilities and software intelligence.

Kaeser Compressors CSG.1 oil-free rotary screw compressors

30 January, 2024 | Supplied by: Kaeser Compressors Australia

The CSG.1 rotary screw compressors have air flow rates ranging from 4 to 15 m3/min and pressures up to 11 bar.

IKA MultiDrive Control batch mill

25 January, 2024 | Supplied by: LabCo Scientific

The IKA MultiDrive Control performs a variety of crushing, grinding and cutting tasks, regardless of whether samples are hard, soft or fibrous.

New methodology to identify dust lung disease risk

17 January, 2024

Exposure monitoring for dust and silica is currently based on the weight of particles, but this overlooks many details that have significant health effects.

Malvern Panalytical WAVEsystem for molecular binding analysis

01 January, 2024 | Supplied by: ATA Scientific Pty Ltd

Malvern Panalytical's WAVEsystem employs grating-coupled interferometry (GCI) — surface-based biosensing technology that detects refractive index changes on a sensor surface as time-dependent phase-shift signals.

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