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Upright liquid nitrogen biorepositories: safe, reliable and controllable

24 June, 2022 by Del Williams* | Supplied by: Reflect Scientific

Upright LN2 freezers remove the risk of direct contact with liquid nitrogen associated with cryovats.

Cellbox Solutions Cellbox 2.0 portable incubator

17 June, 2022 | Supplied by: ATA Scientific Pty Ltd

Cellbox Solutions has launched the Cellbox 2.0 transportable incubator, showcasing added features, improvements and software options.

GF Piping Systems Ball Valve 543 Pro

14 June, 2022 | Supplied by: GF Piping Systems

Designed for applications in the chemical process industry, the Ball Valve 543 Pro features a retrofittable position feedback sensor with an LED display.

GF Piping Systems Butterfly Valve 565

07 June, 2022 | Supplied by: GF Piping Systems

GF Piping Systems has released the Butterfly Valve 565, a plastic butterfly valve with low weight and long lifetime. The plastic valve is almost maintenance-free and has high resistance against corrosion.

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences VTi 50.1 vertical rotor

03 June, 2022 | Supplied by: Beckman Coulter Australia

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences has launched the VTi 50.1 vertical rotor, featuring a volume capacity of 468 mL and the ability to hold 12 tubes of up to 39 mL each.

Axygen automation tips

01 June, 2022 | Supplied by: Pacific Laboratory Products

Pacific Laboratory Products offers a comprehensive line of Axygen tips for Tecan, Aurora Biomed and PerkinElmer automation systems.

PHCbi MPR series pharmaceutical fridges

01 June, 2022 | Supplied by: Bio-Strategy Pty Ltd

The MPR pharmaceutical refrigerators are designed to prioritise sample integrity with temperature uniformity, even during defrost cycles.

KSV NIMA ISR FLIP interfacial shear rheometer

01 June, 2022 | Supplied by: ATA Scientific Pty Ltd

The KSV NIMA interfacial shear rheometer, ISR Flip, is a sensitive interfacial shear rheometer for measuring the interfacial shear elasticity and viscosity of a Langmuir film.

'Catalytic condenser' gives metal chameleonic properties

27 May, 2022

Researchers have invented a device that electronically converts one metal into behaving like another to use as a catalyst for speeding up chemical reactions.

LabCo Low Speed Micro Centrifuge

27 May, 2022 | Supplied by: Labtek

The LabCo Low Speed Micro Centrifuge has a six-place, built-in, fixed-angled rotor that can hold 15 mL centrifuge tubes; 10, 7 and 5 mL Vacutainer tubes; and 1.5 and 2 mL microcentrifuge tubes.

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences Allegra V-15R Benchtop Centrifuge

26 May, 2022 | Supplied by: Beckman Coulter Australia

The instrument can perform a variety of workflows and applications — from cell and blood separation to high-throughput screening.

Minimalist microfluidic chip powered by a smartphone

25 May, 2022

Researchers develop a microfluidic chip for diagnosing diseases that uses a minimal number of components and can be powered wirelessly by a smartphone.

CEM DT-9880 particle counter

23 May, 2022 | Supplied by: Transfer Multisort Elektronik Sp. z o.o.

CEM's DT-9800 is a precision particle counter that can simultaneously measure up to six channels of particle sizes: 0.3, 0.5, 1, 2.5, 5 and 10 μm.

Biotage Extrahera HV-5000 automated sample preparation workstation

20 May, 2022 | Supplied by: Shimadzu Scientific Instruments (Oceania) Pty Ltd

The Biotage Extrahera HV-5000 is an automated workstation dedicated to column-based sample preparation that is able to aspirate and dispense high-volume samples.

EXAIR Heavy Duty Threaded Line Vac in-line conveyor

16 May, 2022 | Supplied by: Compressed Air Australia Pty Ltd

EXAIR's 3″ (76 mm) Heavy Duty Threaded Line Vac is a powerful in-line conveyor that transports high volumes of material through ordinary pipe.

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