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GFP-certified apoptosis/necrosis detection system

11 March, 2009

This GFP-certified apoptosis/necrosis detection system includes all the necessary reagents for determination of early and late stages of apoptosis as well as necrosis.

p53 transcription factor assay kit

01 January, 2009

Cayman’s p53 Transcription Factor Assay is a non-radioactive, sensitive method for detecting specific transcription factor DNA binding activity in nuclear extracts.

Label-free assaying system

01 January, 2009

The CellKey 384 System is an impedance-based, label-free, high-throughput instrument for use in drug-discovery research.

Listeria environmental testing

01 January, 2009

The Microgen Path-Chek Listeria kit is a system for the detection ofListeria species from the environment. It is simple and safe to use in the field. Simply swab the surface and snap the swab tip into the Path-Check Listeria Detection tube and incubate.

Protein carbonyl assay kit

01 January, 2009

Cayman Chemical’s Protein Carbonyl Assay Kit is a colorimetric assay for the measurement of oxidised proteins. Protein samples are derivatised by making use of the reaction between 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazine (DNPH) and protein carbonyls.

PSA/fPSA immunoassay analysis

01 December, 2008

Olympus has released PSA and fPSA assays for the Olympus AU3000i immunoassay analyser. The assays feature assay sensitivity of 0.015 µg/L. In the monitoring of patients after prostate cancer treatment, the sensitive PSA assay is suitable for the detection of recurrence of the disease.

Breast cancer detection

06 March, 2008

The Fermiscan Test is a safe, non-invasive technology that utilises X-ray diffraction of hair fibres to screen and monitor women of all ages for breast cancer. The Fermiscan Test will be available for women in Australia in 2008 and Fermiscan is also commencing further clinical trials and regulatory approval processes in the US.

Drug detection systems

07 November, 2007

With just one swipe of the Drugwipe device users can detect the unseen presence of drugs in the workplace. The Drugwipe device provides a screening test for the presence of drugs in saliva, allowing detection of current and very recent drug use. The Drugwipe device reduces testing time, is user friendly, sampling is less intrusive and may be performed anywhere. Users will be able to perform random and point of incident testing.

High-throughput assay miniaturisation workstation

10 September, 2007

The Beckman Coulter BioRAPTR FRD microfluidic workstation is available in two configurations - standalone and integrated with Beckman Coulter's PARADIGM Detection Platform, Biomek NXp liquid handler and BRT Robotic Transport. With the addition of the bioRAPTR low-volume workstation, Beckman Coulter's automation capabilities span the complete range of volumes, from tubes to microplates to 3458-well ChemLib plates.

Free amino acid and protein hydrolysate analysis

12 January, 2007

EZ:faast LC/MS kits have been developed for the analysis of more than 60 aliphatic and aromatic amino acids, di-peptides and related compounds in just under 20 mins.

Organic deposition source

08 December, 2006

BOC Edwards has launched a temperature-controlled evaporation source for depositing the sensitive materials used in the research and production of organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs) and solar cells. The source gives electronics manufacturers and industrial researchers accurate control of the temperature profile, and therefore greater control of the deposition rate, reducing wastage of material and associated costs.

Real time total viable counts

13 November, 2006

The RBD 3000 is an automated, rapid microbial detection and enumeration system that is suitable for use by the food, pharmaceutical, environmental and personal care products industries. The test system can give users a total viable count in minutes instead of days, with sensitivity between 101 to 106 cfu/mL.

Amino acid analyser

07 July, 2006

The Hitachi L8900 series dedicated amino acid analyser boasts refinements for fast analysis with high detection limits. Improvements include new hardware, a more efficient pump and a re-engineered direct injection auto sampler, all complemented by the powerful and user-friendly EZChrom chromatography data system.

LabChip System Technology electrophoresis system

14 September, 2005

The emergence of genomic and proteomic research has created a need for a more effective way to generate and analyse data.

Electrophoresis system

14 July, 2004

The Cambrex Reliant FastLane Gel System can be used to analyse PCR products. DNA fragments from 10 bp to 10 kb can be resolved accurately in as little as 15 minutes.

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