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New England Biolabs NEBNext UltraExpress DNA and RNA Library Prep Kits

01 December, 2023

Designed by New England Biolabs (NEB), the cutting-edge kits offer researchers a novel approach to library prep, said to reduce time, labour and consumables while maintaining high quality.

New England Biolabs NEBNext UltraShear FFPE DNA Library Prep Kit

01 December, 2023

The NEBNext UltraShear FFPE DNA Library Prep Kit (NEB #E6655) is a solution for working with challenging formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) samples in molecular labs.

Novel test detects hard-to-find cervical cancers

18 September, 2023

The test appears sensitive for detecting cervical adenocarcinoma — which accounts for up to 25% of cervical cancer cases — as well as its precursor lesions, adenocarcinoma in situ.

Abnova FISH probes for cancer research

09 August, 2023

Abnova provides a collection of fluorescence in situ hybridisation (FISH) probes targeting various potential prognostic biomarkers for oncology.

One BioMed X8 HMW DNA Cartridge Kits

04 August, 2023

The cartridge kits provide an out-of-the-box, automated platform for extraction of HMW DNA from a myriad of sample types.

DNA data storage on a 'biological camera'

14 July, 2023

A so-called 'biological camera' harnesses living cells and their inherent biological mechanisms to encode and store data in DNA, bypassing the constraints of current DNA storage methods.

tRNA biomarkers used for cancer diagnosis and prognosis

12 May, 2023

Spanish researchers have developed a new method to measure tRNA abundances and their modifications in a simple, cost-effective manner.

MP Biomedicals SPINeasy DNA Pro Kit for Soil

11 January, 2023

MP Biomedicals' SPINeasy DNA Pro Kit for Soil has been carefully designed for the isolation of pure microbiome genomic DNA from challenging soil types, including those with low biomass or those highly contaminated.

Trust your gut — advances in microbiome DNA analysis

07 December, 2022

Ortho-Analytic identifies the bacterial, fungi and parasite DNA found in stool samples using molecular genetic analyses, helping to build a detailed picture of a patient's gut microbiome.

Abnova miRNA FFPE Isolation Kit

07 November, 2022

Abnova's miRNA FFPE Isolation Kit has been specially developed for microRNA (miRNA) extraction.

Enzo Life Sciences AMPIVIEW RNA probes

04 November, 2022

Enzo Life Sciences' AMPIVIEW RNA probes are designed to offer the precision of targeted, sequence-specific RNA probes powered by the company's LoopRNA ISH technology.

Targeted RNA-seq expands the toolkit for early cancer detection

03 August, 2022

Dive into recent research using targeted RNA-seq to enrich and efficiently sequence long non-coding RNA from various sample types.

Liquid biopsy detects breast cancer markers in 4.5 hours

26 July, 2022

The automated liquid biopsy test can accurately detect the presence of cancer DNA in the blood of patients with metastatic breast cancer in under five hours.

Visualising mRNA molecules in the brains of live mice

14 July, 2022

A new imaging technique gives scientists a window into RNA synthesis in the brain of a mouse while it is still alive, meaning researchers can study it for longer periods of time.

Blood test could spare colon cancer patients from chemo

23 June, 2022

Researchers collaborated to develop a blood test to identify patients who require chemo after surgery, by measuring levels of circulating tumour DNA (ctDNA).

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