Life science & clinical diagnostics instruments

Mercodia Lispro NL-ELISA

04 April, 2019 | Supplied by: Sapphire Bioscience

Mercodia's Lispro Northern Lights (NL)-ELISA provides a chemiluminescent method for the quantitative determination of insulin lispro.

Invent Biotechnologies Minute Protein Extraction Kits

02 April, 2019 | Supplied by: Sapphire Bioscience

Invent Biotechnologies' Minute Protein Extraction Kits enable the rapid extraction of protein from all living organisms and tissues in as quick as 1 min.

QIAGEN QIAstat-Dx syndromic testing instrument

01 April, 2019 | Supplied by: QIAGEN Pty Ltd

Using direct swab or liquid transfer, the QIAstat-Dx provides results for 20+ respiratory or gastrointestinal pathogens in about 1 h, with less than 1 min of hands-on time.

Why and what are HCP ELISAs?

01 April, 2019 | Supplied by: Cytiva

ELISAs are the workhorse of HCP quantitation, but they aren't perfect.

Cayman Chemical NETosis Imaging Assay Kit

29 March, 2019 | Supplied by: Sapphire Bioscience

Cayman Chemical's NETosis Imaging Assay Kit provides a simple staining protocol for visualising the process of NETosis kinetically ex vivo and in vitro.

Jellagen Jellyfish Collagen 3D Scaffolds

29 March, 2019 | Supplied by: BioNovus Life Sciences

Jellagen introduces its Jellyfish Collagen 3D Scaffolds, enabling researchers to culture their cells in a way that mimics 3D living organisms.

Mini kidneys grown from urine cells

13 March, 2019

Dutch researchers have grown their own kidney tubules derived from human kidney adult stem cells and urine cells in microfluidic chips.

CD-style device to detect antibiotic allergies

12 March, 2019

A newly developed biophotonic system makes it possible to detect, in a non-invasive way and with a very small sample of blood, allergies to antibiotics in less than an hour.

Integrated DNA Technologies rhAmpSeq targeted sequencing system

12 March, 2019 | Supplied by: Integrated DNA Technologies

Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) introduces its rhAmpSeq targeted sequencing system, providing researchers with easy-to-use amplicon sequencing on Illumina next-generation sequencing (NGS) platforms.

Lonza Verified for Spheroids Human Hepatocytes

07 March, 2019 | Supplied by: Lonza Australia Pty Ltd

Lonza has expanded its hepatocytes portfolio characterisation with the addition of Verified for Spheroids Human Hepatocytes, which are pre-screened for their ability to promote rapid spheroid formation in cell culture.

Keep your HCA under control

01 March, 2019 by Maggie Vantangoli Policelli, PhD, Field Applications Scientist, GE Healthcare | Supplied by: Cytiva

An important but commonly overlooked aspect of image-based assay design for high content analysis (HCA) is the use of appropriate controls.

Minimally invasive lung cancer screening method

26 February, 2019

A new screening technique for non-small-cell lung cancer helps assess whether immune checkpoint inhibitors would be a suitable treatment method for individual patients.

AdipoGen PD-1/PD-L1 ELISA Kits

22 February, 2019 | Supplied by: Sapphire Bioscience

AdipoGen has released PD-1/PD-L1 (Programmed Cell Death Protein-1/Programmed Cell Death Ligand-1) ELISA Kits for the detection of PD-1 and PD-L1 in biological fluids.

Enzo Chromogenic Western Blot Kit

21 February, 2019 | Supplied by: Sapphire Bioscience

Enzo's Chromogenic Western Blot kit (Anti-Mouse) allows for quick, visual reading of western blots in unpurified cell extract.

Biosensor detects Down syndrome DNA

19 February, 2019

Researchers have developed a sensitive new biosensor that could someday be used to detect foetal Down syndrome DNA in pregnant women's blood.

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