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Antidiabetic drug turns sugar into stool

21 July, 2020

Metformin, the most widely prescribed antidiabetic drug globally, promotes the excretion of blood sugar from the large intestine into the stool.

Remdesivir approved by TGA to treat COVID-19

14 July, 2020 by Lauren Davis

Remdesivir has been described as the most promising treatment option so far to reduce hospitalisation time for those suffering from severe SARS-Cov-2 infections.

Biomedical device developed from food industry by-products

07 July, 2020

The device comprised soy protein and chitin, which formed a matrix with a porous, interconnected microarchitecture similar to that of certain body tissues.

Nuclear softening enables more efficient injury repair

01 July, 2020

By softening a cell's nucleus so that it can squeeze its way through dense connective tissues, researchers have demonstrated a new way to help the body repair injuries.

Drug found to treat vascular disorder

30 June, 2020

Researchers have discovered a potential new therapy for cerebral cavernous malformations (CCMs), a devastating disease that can result in stroke and seizures.

Eliminating side effects by manipulating molecular chirality

19 June, 2020

A nanostructure fabrication device was used to manipulate the chirality of drug molecules by controlling the direction in which a substrate is rotated within the device.

Steroid reduces death in patients with severe COVID-19

18 June, 2020

Dexamethasone was found to reduce deaths by one-third in ventilated patients and by one-fifth in other patients receiving oxygen only.

Collaboration to develop a universal influenza vaccine

09 June, 2020

Intravacc and Versatope have signed a research service agreement to further develop a universal vaccine against influenza.

Autoimmunity drugs turned into anticancer treatments

28 May, 2020

Scientists have discovered a way to transform drugs previously developed to treat autoimmunity into antibodies with powerful anticancer activity.

Reduced need for blood transfusions in thalassemia patients

15 May, 2020

A new medication is reducing the need for blood transfusions in thalassemia patients and improving bone-marrow transplant outcomes.

Microrobotic needle screwed into cancer tissue

14 May, 2020

Scientists have developed a drug-loaded microrobotic needle that effectively targets and remains attached to cancerous tissue in lab experiments.

Drug trial to make COVID-19 patients less infectious

13 May, 2020

The drug interferon could stop outbreaks of COVID-19 by reducing the infectiousness of people who contract the SARS-Cov-2 virus.

AI helps optimise drug therapies for infectious diseases

01 May, 2020

Researchers are harnessing the power of artificial intelligence in an attempt to dramatically accelerate the discovery of drug combination therapies.

Microneedle array for vaccine delivery developed

24 April, 2020

The new vaccine delivery system contains 400 tiny needles, each just 0.5 mm in length and made from sugar and the specific cargo being delivered.

New influenza treatment found to reduce spread of virus

21 April, 2020

A new antiviral drug for influenza can treat the infection at the same time as reducing the risk of transmission to others.

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