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Medtech community shares the secrets of commercialisation

09 December, 2019

Saving and improving lives by making it easier to develop medical devices with electronics and software is the mission of the newly launched NSW Active MedTech Community.

Major Project Status granted for medical cannabis facilities

06 December, 2019

The Australian Government is looking to maximise the economic potential of the medicinal cannabis industry.

Contraceptive patch delivers hormone via microneedles

20 November, 2019

US scientists have developed a contraceptive patch with a novel effervescent backing that separates from an array of microneedles after one minute.

Ultrasonic waves used to target drugs to tumours

19 November, 2019

USC biomedical engineers have proposed a new ultrasonic method to enable acoustic control and real-time tracking of cancer drugs within the body.

Living skin with blood vessels can now be 3D printed

13 November, 2019

The work serves as a significant step towards creating grafts that are more like the skin our bodies produce naturally.

Drug development process — from the start

08 November, 2019

According to Fredrik Sundberg, PhD, global director of strategic customer relations at GE Healthcare, the key to successfully launching a drug product on the market is to thoroughly understand the drug development process.

Drug accelerates cell division in aggressive breast cancers

08 November, 2019

A new drug blocks one of cancer's key evolutionary escape routes from chemotherapy, reinvigorating the response to chemotherapy in cancers that have become resistant.

Partnership to develop drugs for eye disease

07 November, 2019

PYC Therapeutics has entered into a commercial collaboration with Lions Eye Institute to develop drugs for a leading cause of blinding eye disease.

Nanoparticles could transport anticancer agent to cells

30 October, 2019

Metal–organic frameworks (MOFs) could present a viable platform for delivering a potent anticancer agent to cells.

Threefold approach to improving anticancer drug

24 October, 2019

Biomedical engineers brought together tools from genome engineering, protein engineering and biomaterials science to improve the efficacy, accuracy and longevity of certain cancer therapies.

Light-activated catalyst destroys cancer cells' energy source

11 October, 2019

Scientists have developed a compound of the metal iridium that will kill cancer cells in culture even when oxygen concentration is low.

Thermostable vaccine can be stored at warm temperatures

10 October, 2019

The vaccine candidate has been engineered using a synthetic protein scaffold that could revolutionise the way vaccines are designed, produced and stored.

Psoriasis drug could treat rare bone cancer

26 September, 2019

Researchers have discovered that the inflammatory molecule IL23, investigated for a number of autoimmune diseases, is critical to osteosarcoma formation and progression.

Arthritis drug provides relief for blood cancer patients

20 September, 2019

A simple arthritis drug could be an effective, low-cost solution to treat patients with blood cancers such as polycythemia vera (PV) and essential thrombocythemia (ET).

Aus bioscience company acquires anticancer drug platform

19 September, 2019

The iQ Group Global has announced its acquisition of a novel anticancer drug platform, known as TEX Core, from the University of Texas.

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