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DNA transfer to avoid mito inheritance appears safe

05 September, 2022

Transferring the nuclear genome from one egg into the cytoplasm of a donor egg can enable women carrying mutations in their mitochondrial DNA to have healthy babies.

We inherit more epigenetic info than we thought

26 August, 2022

Epigenetic information, which sits on top of DNA and is normally reset between generations, is more frequently carried from mother to offspring than previously thought.

Revealing the genetic architecture underlying substance abuse

22 August, 2022

The genes underlying cigarette smoking are linked to the perception of pain and response to food, as well as the abuse of drugs such as cocaine.

Uni Melbourne and Colossal plan to bring back Tasmanian tiger

19 August, 2022

A University of Melbourne research lab is partnering with genetic engineering company Colossal Biosciences to bring the thylacine back from extinction.

QIAGEN QIAseq UPXome RNA Library Kit

16 August, 2022

QIAGEN's QIAseq UPXome RNA Library Kit, specifically designed for ultralow-input samples, supports labs interested in 3′ RNA sequencing as well as complete transcriptome RNA sequencing.

QIAGEN QIAseq Targeted DNA Pro Panels

12 August, 2022

QIAGEN says its QIAseq Targeted DNA Pro Panels are based on a chemistry that halves to six hours the time researchers need for library preparation of DNA samples.

Warning: CRISPR therapeutics can damage the genome

12 August, 2022

Investigating the impact of CRISPR technology on T cells, researchers detected a significant loss of genetic material in some treated cells.

Decades in the making: RNA's importance to Australia

10 August, 2022 by Peter Davis

Professor Pall (Palli) Thordarson, an award-winning researcher, is set to kickstart RNA capabilities in NSW and finally launch our genetic medicine ecosystem.

Victorian Govt invests in mRNA Innovation Hub

09 August, 2022

The Victorian mRNA Innovation Hub will work to develop next-generation mRNA vaccines and therapeutics to treat a range of diseases.

Protein improves metabolism of insulin-dependent diabetics

01 August, 2022

Scientists have identified a protein called S100A9 that regulates blood glucose, lipids and ketones, without the side effects of insulin.

Genetic link between Alzheimer's and gut disorders confirmed

21 July, 2022

People with gut disorders may be at greater risk of developing Alzheimer's disease, according to a groundbreaking study.

Many human genomes shaped by 'founder events'

27 June, 2022

The genomes of many human populations show evidence of so-called founder events, which occur when a small number of initial members start a new population and can lead to low genetic diversity.

Sperm epigenetic aging may help predict pregnancy success

10 June, 2022

Sperm epigenetic aging — the biological, rather than chronological, aging of sperm — has the potential to predict the success and time it takes to become pregnant.

Herpes virus modified to fight cancer

08 June, 2022

Researchers have managed to deactivate the genes of the herpes virus that cause disease, thus rendering it suitable for treatment.

Genes can help predict response to arthritis treatment

02 June, 2022

Molecular profiling of diseased joint tissue can significantly impact whether specific drug treatments will work to treat rheumatoid arthritis (RA) patients.

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