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Prenatal alcohol exposure affects embryonic development genes

17 January, 2023

Researchers have found that alcohol exposure in early pregnancy can change gene function during embryonic development and consequently cause developmental disorders.

MGI DNBSEQ-G99 gene sequencer

22 December, 2022

The ultrahigh-speed sequencer is especially suitable for targeted gene sequencing and small genome sequencing, delivering rapid and high-quality data output.

Decrypting the 'mechanical code' of DNA

16 December, 2022

Researchers have revealed new ways in which nature encodes biological information in a DNA sequence.

The year of the (Tasmanian) tiger

12 December, 2022 by Lauren Davis

With 2022 being the Year of the Tiger according to the Chinese zodiac, it is appropriate that research efforts over the past 12 months have shone a light on the Australian thylacine.

Gene that guides social behaviours may be linked to autism

08 December, 2022

Exposure to certain environmental risk factors during embryonic development can cause changes to a key gene, leading to alterations in social behaviour in zebrafish and mice.

Genetic factors contribute to risk of severe COVID-19

05 December, 2022

One of the 344 studied blood analytes had widespread shared genetic influences with COVID-19, causing an increased risk of severe COVID-19.

Gene found to be important for embryonic development

23 November, 2022

Researchers tracked down the gene when they studied two individuals — a man and his niece — with congenital malformations.

Genetic testing detects heart failure risk in children

03 November, 2022

Genetic testing for cardiomyopathy in children and their first-degree relatives provides a precise clinical diagnosis that could guide treatment options.

OGT Universal NGS Complete Workflow

03 November, 2022

The library preparation workflow was developed for researchers using OGT's SureSeq haematology and CytoSure NGS panels. By reducing the number of clean-up steps and QC requirements, library preparation can be completed in just 4.5 h.

Tecan's MagicPrep™ NGS — the walkaway solution for your NGS library prep needs

01 November, 2022

Now anyone can produce high-quality, reproducible NGS libraries at just a touch of a button.

OGT SureSeq Myeloid Plus panel

01 November, 2022

OGT, a Sysmex Group Company, has launched the SureSeq Myeloid Plus panel to detect aberrations in genes implicated in a variety of myeloid disorders.

Finnish study finds men age faster than women

18 October, 2022

Researchers found that men are biologically older than women, with the observed sex difference partially (but not entirely) explained by men's more frequent smoking and larger body size.

Illumina NovaSeq X Series sequencers

11 October, 2022

Illumina has launched the NovaSeq X Series (NovaSeq X and NovaSeq X Plus) of production-scale sequencers, designed to enable faster, more powerful and more sustainable sequencing for genome medicine applications.

It is time to start the renaissance of aptamers

06 October, 2022 by Peter Davis

Macugen was the first RNA biotherapeutic approved by the US FDA in 2004, but did you know this is a pegylated RNA-modified aptamer?

CRISPR used to mimic disease, advancing cancer research

04 October, 2022

The technology can activate any gene — including those that have been silenced — allowing new drug targets and causes of drug resistance to be further explored.

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