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Ambri gets new business software

01 May, 2002 by Daniella Goldberg

Ambri has adopted new business software and services from Frontstep, to help it to take its new clinical diagnostic system from prototype to full-scale manufacture.

Confirmant set to release Protein Atlas

29 April, 2002 by Marc Ferranti

US company Confirmant is racing to finish up the first commercial version of its Protein Atlas for June, but life science researchers and industry analysts say a warm reception is far from assured.

Analyst IDC bets on bio-IT boom

23 April, 2002 by Iain Scott

Spending on IT products and services by life science companies will reach $US38 billion by 2006, according to market analyst IDC.

Power pool: how grid computing can benefit bio

23 April, 2002 by Staff Writers

Distributed processing gets an updated look as vendors go for the grid: In early 2000, Cereon Genomics had a serious situation on its hands: It was running out of computing power.

Aussie scientists, ethicists blast human cloning news

08 April, 2002 by Tanya Hollis

Australian scientists and ethicists have expressed dismay and disbelief at reports a woman is eight weeks pregnant with the world's first human clone.

Bioinformatics: Lights on, no one home?

05 April, 2002 by Iain Scott

Pilots, not planes, are needed to get Australia's nascent bioinformatics industry off the ground, according to one of the authors of a new report.

Patents shouldn't apply to gene sequences: Affymetrix

05 April, 2002 by Melissa Trudinger

US company Affymetrix has told a government panel that patents should not be applied to gene sequences.

Bio gold rush could pay off for enterprise IT

04 April, 2002 by Elizabeth Heichler

Like most of us, IT managers at major retailing or banking companies probably find the current revolution in life sciences research compelling because of its promise to disarm hereditary diseases or cancers. But they may not realise that they also have a professional self-interest in computationally driven work on genetics, proteins, and pharmaceuticals.

Genaissance announces initial STRENGTH findings

02 April, 2002 by Malorye Branca

Researchers at Genaissance Pharmaceuticals have found "statistically significant" associations between genetic markers and certain patient responses to cholesterol-lowering drugs. Such associations, or links, could be used to develop pharmacogenomic tests that would help physicians determine the best drug for a particular patient.

Major bio-IT shake-up at CSIRO

27 March, 2002 by Pete Young

CSIRO's major bioinformatics group is being reorganised and consolidated in a plan that could involve spinning off part of it as commercial operation.

Biotech's golden child is still in utero

26 March, 2002 by Pete Young

Like a gold-plated corkscrew, bioinformatics is all about unplugging the data bottleneck that clogs drug R&D pipelines.

Shimadzu to develop DNA sequencer with GenoMems IP

21 March, 2002 by Martyn Williams

Shimadzu Biotech, the bio-IT arm of Japan's Shimadzu Corp, and Boston-based start-up GenoMems have signed a deal under which the two companies plan to develop and commercialise a fast DNA sequencer.

Gene researcher wins award

20 March, 2002 by Melissa Trudinger

Karen Lower has won Adelaide's Women's and Children's Hospital's annual Young Investigator of the Year Award for her work identifying the genetic cause of Borjeson-Forssman-Lehmann Syndrome (BFLS), a severe form of intellectual disability.

Novel proteins may target cystic fibrosis

19 March, 2002 by Daniella Goldberg

Sydney company Proteome Systems has teamed up with US group Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Therapeutics to find drug targets to combat the disease.

Capellas: biotech needs computing collaboration

19 March, 2002 by Nancy Weil

Biotechnology will reach its potential only if companies involved in related markets collaborate and focus on standards-based technologies rather than proprietary work, said Michael Capellas, chairman and chief executive officer of Compaq, on Thursday.

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