Crest Optics X-Light V3 spinning disk confocal imager

Tuesday, 01 December, 2020 | Supplied by: SciTech Pty Ltd

The X-Light V3 Confocal Imager from Crest Optics is a full-spectrum spinning disk confocal imager that attaches to most major models of inverted or upright fluorescence microscopes. It is designed to utilise the latest imaging technologies and is suitable for live cell imaging in biological applications.

The product enables high-performance imaging with a current‐generation scientific camera, and provides for objectives when imaging with a camera with a smaller detector. It takes advantage of laser launches and LED light sources.

The result is a flexible confocal add‐on for existing microscopes that is designed to achieve the highest amount and quality of data from each individual sample, from fast cell dynamics on live specimens to clarity in optical sectioning of clarified tissues. The homogeneity of illumination obtained through micro-lenses technology makes the system particularly fast when it comes to both qualitative and quantitative imaging on large samples.

Key features include a spectral range (confocal/wide field) of 400–750 nm; ultra-large field-of-view imaging; lateral resolution (FWHM) of ~230 nm (High NA 1.4) diffraction limited; dual-camera view with simultaneous dual-camera view up to 25 mm each camera; axial resolution (FWHM) ~600 nm (High NA 1.4); user-inspired and customisable pinhole size and geometry; software-controlled filter wheels, including a 4-position automated clean-up filter wheel, 3-position automated dichroic filter wheel and 8-position automated emission filter wheel; and software-controlled filter cubes with three positions for simultaneous dual-colour imaging.

Technology based on micro-lenses makes the illumination field homogeneous on large fields of view (up to 25 mm). A plug-and-play design allows users to choose and change the illumination size to match common camera formats. The homogeneous illumination allows quantitative imaging on larger FOV and high-speed imaging on large samples. If needed, it is possible to shrink the illumination on smaller areas, achieving high power density required for high-speed imaging (1 kHz).

The confocal unit allows dual camera imaging at 25 mm FOV on both cameras. A dual camera port provides flexibility as different camera formats can be chosen for the two ports, for demanding applications.

Crest Optics’ spinning disk design, together with the optimised optical layout, enhances sensitivity and image clarity. Standard patterns are available to cover common imaging applications; custom designs are also available (custom pinhole size, single/dual pattern). The spinning disk is hosted in a sealed, dust-protected disk box.

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