Photometrics Prime 95B 95% QE back-illuminated scientific CMOS camera

Thursday, 22 December, 2016 | Supplied by: SciTech Pty Ltd

Photometrics prime 95b scmos camera web resolution

The Prime 95B Back Illuminated Scientific CMOS (sCMOS) camera by Photometrics features 95% quantum efficiency (QE), making it a suitable choice for low-light imaging techniques such as super-resolution microscopy (STORM, PALM), confocal imaging, single-molecule fluorescence and light sheet microscopy.

The device offers 95% QE and backside illumination (BSI) all in the one camera. It is said to maximise light collection and to outperform other EMCCD type cameras.

The product’s sensor converts up to 95% of incident photons into a measurable signal. The back-illuminated sensor brings light into the pixel photodiode from behind, avoiding structures that reflect or absorb light.

With a large 11 x 11 μm pixel area, the camera is said to deliver over 300% more signal than other sCMOS cameras at 100x magnification. The extreme sensitivity not only allows fainter signals to be detected, it provides the flexibility to increase frame rates or turn down the excitation intensity to reduce cellular photodamage.

The camera captures images using the full microscope field of view at over 41 fps with 16-bit images and 82 fps with 12-bit images. The combination of extreme sensitivity, low 1.3 e- read noise and high frame rates positions the product as a leading scientific CMOS camera for low-light microscopy techniques.

Other key features include regulated air cooling to -10°C, single-cable connection rather than a dual camera link, large field of view, C Mount interface, multiple expose out triggering and SMART streaming.

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