BioTek Eon microplate spectrophotometer

Monday, 08 August, 2011 | Supplied by: Millennium Science Pty Ltd

BioTek’s monochromator-based Eon microplate spectrophotometer combines high performance and value in microplate-based absorbance readings.

Like BioTek’s Epoch microplate spectrophotometer, Eon’s monochromator-based optics allow flexible, filter-free 200-999 nm wavelength selection in 1 nm increments and spectral scanning for 6- to 384-well microplates. An optional cuvette port expands functionality to cuvette-based assays and also aids in assay miniaturisation to microplates or the 2 µL volumes used with BioTek’s Take3 and Take3 Trio microvolume plates.

Additional features include superior 4-Zone temperature control with incubation up to 65°C and walk-away automation when paired with BioTek’s BioStack microplate stacker or third-party robotics. Linear, orbital and double orbital shake modes are customisable for easy assay optimisation in biofuel research, cell proliferation, cytotoxicity studies and many more applications.

Eon is powered by the Gen5 2.0 Data Analysis Software for intuitive reader control and good data analysis. Flexible and customisable data export includes publication-ready reports, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and output to LIMS/LIS.

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