Merck SeQuant anion determination by IC

Thursday, 17 September, 2009 | Supplied by: Merck Pty Ltd

The continuous background conductivity suppression system SeQuant CARS Continuous Anion Regeneration System equipped with the SeQuant SAMS Membrane Suppressor for Anion Chromatography can be used to simplify the determination of anions by ion chromatography.

The CARS system is designed for optimised eluent suppression, regardless of flow rate and composition of the mobile phase. This enables low background conductivity levels and high analyte sensitivity, no matter what the application.

The CARS system can successfully be used for standard routine operation, but is also suitable for high ion-strength eluents and gradient elution. The robust and flexible design makes it simple to integrate CARS and SAMS with any ion chromatography system.

In the SeQuant CARS system, the eluent is suppressed in the SAMS suppressor using protons supplied by the CARS regeneration cartridge and carried there by the ULB-P regeneration solution. The CARS pump ensures stable operation of the entire system by continuously circulating the ULB-P solution.

The capacity of the SeQuant CARS system is very high and the background conductivity reached after the SAMS suppressor is very low.

The CARS regeneration cartridge contains an ultra-pure cation exchanger and constitutes a high-capacity source of protons for long-term continuous regeneration of the SAMS suppressor. The high capacity gives a stable performance for standard routine work as well as for gradient applications for numerous working days.

The SeQuant SAMS is a chemically regenerated membrane suppressor for anion chromatography. Its operation is based on selective exchange of protons (H+) from an external regeneration channel for cations (eg, Na+) from the eluent. Anions are prevented from entering the membrane by ion exclusion and are thus not transported between the eluent and regeneration streams. SAMS features both high transport capability and low band-broadening. Several strong acids (eg, sulfuric acid) can be used to regenerate the suppressor; however, optimum performance is obtained by using SAMS in combination with the CARS system for continuous regeneration.

A free booklet - A Practical Guide to Ion Chromatography - is available by contacting Merck.

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