Nanoflow HPLC columns

Wednesday, 14 July, 2004 | Supplied by:

New Objective has introduced a range of nanoscale chromatography columns to add to its already existing PicoFrit and IntegraFrit selection. The columns are designed specifically for protein and peptide separations.

PicoFrit columns are designed specifically for nanoflow LC-MS/MS. The column couples a reverse phase bed directly to a frit which acts as the emitter for spraying into an LCMS system. This all-in-one device maximises sensitivity by spraying directly from the column itself.

IntegraFrit columns ranging from 50-150 µm ID are available. IntegraFrit incorporates a frit technology that makes coupling to mass spectrometry simple and robust. Various reverse phase chemistries have been developed for proteomics applications. Combined with strong cation exchange columns, multidimensional chromatography can be performed.

New Objectives Biphasic columns combine cation exchange material with ProteoPep C18, enabling shotgun digests for the analysis of hundreds of proteins in a single run from a single column.

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