Near infrared transmission analyser

Monday, 10 August, 2009 | Supplied by: Next Instruments Pty Ltd

The Series 2000 near infrared transmission analyser is a diode array spectrometer that uses a selection of sample cells to collect near infrared transmission spectra through liquid, suspensions and emulsions, such as lotions and creams. The Series 2000 scans the wavelength range from 720-1100 nm in transmission and transflectance modes. Organic molecules containing O-H, C-H and N-H bonds exhibit strong NIR absorbance bands within this region of the electromagnetic spectrum.

The Series 2000 is available as the base spectrometer and two application-specific analysers. The Series 2000 Tablet Analyser has been configured to analyse tablets for uniformity, coating thickness, active incipient and authentication. The Series 2000 Creams and Lotions Analyser is configured to analyse creams, ointments and lotions for moisture, lanolin, petroleum jelly, active components, alcohol, stabilisers and emulsifiers.

The Series 2000 NIT Analysers can be operated using a PC or as a freestanding instrument. A comprehensive software package, NTAS (NIR Technology Analysis Software), provides a means of developing partial least squares calibrations to be used for quantitative methods of analysis. NTAS also provides qualitative analysis for use in identifying raw materials.

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