Waters SELECT SERIES MRT high-resolution mass spectrometer

Thursday, 17 June, 2021 | Supplied by: Waters Australia Pty Ltd

The Waters SELECT SERIES MRT is a high-resolution mass spectrometer that combines multi reflecting time-of-flight (MRT) technology with both DESI and MALDI imaging sources. Together, these technologies enable scientists to explore molecular structure and function through the identification and localisation of individual molecules in samples, with a combination of speed, resolution and mass accuracy. For example, a scientist researching how an investigational oncology drug interacts with its intended target, such as a specific brain tumour receptor, can now do so at speeds up to 10 Hz without compromising mass accuracy or resolution.

The instrument is capable of attaining 200,000 full-width half-maximum (FWHM) resolution and part-per-billion mass accuracy independent of scan speed. Its MRT technology features an extended flight path of almost 50 m to give scientists a clear picture of structural information, including fine isotope structure. The clarity of images produced by the instrument can yield important molecular information to scientists in research areas such as targeted therapeutics, to provide insights and enable deep biological discoveries.

The product unlocks the potential of MS imaging using DESI and MALDI ionisation. DESI is a direct-from-sample, soft ionisation technique performed under ambient environmental conditions, requiring no prior sample preparation, while MALDI is a complementary technique for the imaging of biological molecules such as peptides and can visualise tissue sections at spatial resolutions of less than 10 µm. Taken together, the combination of imaging sources gives researchers the means to generate fine spatial information and morphological detail for biological samples and even visualise brain vasculature.

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