Cayman Chemical LipidLaunch Research Tools for LNP discovery

Monday, 01 April, 2024 | Supplied by: Cayman Chemical Company

Cayman Chemical LipidLaunch Research Tools for LNP discovery

LipidLaunch research-ready lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) and reagent kits support the entire LNP research and development process, offering tailored solutions from discovery to bioanalysis.

The LipidLaunch product line includes Preloaded LNPs (preformulated LNPs that contain reporter gene mRNA, suitable for initial pilot or proof-of-concept experiments); Loadable LNPs (cargo-ready, preformulated LNPs that allow researchers to encapsulate and deliver their chosen RNA cargo to cells); LNP Exploration Kits (comprehensive kits with individually packaged reagents for creating customised LNPs without specialised equipment); and LNP Uptake Kits (building on the Exploration Kit format, these kits include a fluorescently labelled lipid for visualising cellular uptake of LNPs).

LipidLaunch Research Tools aim to simplify LNP research by providing accessible solutions for researchers at all stages of their work. These research-ready LNPs and reagent kits utilise lipid formulations of broad and current interest, such as those used in mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccines. Available in various formats, they offer researchers flexibility in cargo selection and LNP formulation.

Designed with researcher accessibility in mind, LipidLaunch Research Tools require minimal hands-on time and expertise. Preloaded and Loadable LNPs eliminate the need for expensive and complex mixing steps, for ease of use. The Exploration and Uptake Kits allow for LNP preparation using simple hand mixing techniques or, if available, microfluidic mixers.

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