Matreya natural, synthetic and bacterial-derived phospholipids

Monday, 07 September, 2020 | Supplied by: Sapphire Bioscience

Phospholipids are well known for their role as the main component of membranes, where they form the lipid bilayer due to their amphipathic character. However, phospholipids are also important as cellular messengers, enzyme activators and more. Hundreds of different phospholipid molecular species are present in cells, each having variations in their phospholipid head-group or acyl tails that give them unique properties.

Natural sphingolipids contain a heterogeneous mixture of fatty acids attached to the sphingosine moiety. The fatty acid composition is dependent on several factors, including species, location within the organism, age and environmental conditions. Normal variations in the fatty acids include chain length, hydroxylation and unsaturation.

Synthetic phospholipids contain well-defined fatty acids attached to the glycerol, eliminating the variability of natural phospholipids. Synthetic phospholipids are especially useful in membrane studies and in making liposomes and nanocapsules for drug delivery. By varying the fatty acids incorporated in the phospholipid, differences in the liposome’s physical properties can be studied.

The main phospholipid of Thermoplasma acidophilum (MPL) is largely responsible for its ability to survive in low pH (1–2) and high temperature (55–59°C) environments. It constitutes almost half of the bacteria’s total lipids. MPL is useful for making liposomes used to study various molecular functions.

Matreya offers an extensive list of natural, synthetic and bacterial tetraethers. These highly purified phospholipids include phosphatidylethanolamines, phosphatidylcholines, phosphatidylglycerols and bacterial MPL, plus many more lipids to aid users’ evolving research.

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