Proteintech antibodies for ciliogenesis

The primary cilium acts as a sensory organelle that transfers information from the environment to the cell interior. This organelle is crucial for regulating important cellular processes, including the cell cycle, cytoskeletal organisation, intraflagellar transport and signalling pathways such as hedgehog, notch and canonical and non-canonical Wnt/planar call polarity (PCP) pathways. Proteintech has over 70 antibodies recognising cilia-related proteins.

IFT88 - intraflagellar transport protein 88, also known as TG737 or TTC10 - is a component of IFT particles required for cilium biogenesis. Along with other molecular motors and IFT particles, IFT88 helps mediate intraflagellar transport, an important process essential for the assembly and maintenance of both primary and motile cilia, and flagella, in many organisms. IFT88 also localises to spindle poles during mitosis and is required for spindle orientation. Defects in IFT88 lead to polycystic kidney disease, characterised by progressive cyst development and bilaterally enlarged kidneys.

CP110 - also named CCP110 or KIAA0419 - is a 110 kDa centriolar protein, not to be confused with CEP110 (centriolin). CP110 positively regulates centriole duplication while restricting centriole elongation and ciliogenesis. It acts as a key negative regulator of ciliogenesis in collaboration with CEP97 by capping the mother centriole, thereby preventing cilia formation.

ARL13B - also named ARL2L1 - is a small ciliary G protein of the Ras superfamily. Localised to cilia, it is required for cilium biogenesis as well as sonic hedgehog signalling and antibodies targeting ARL13B can be used to mark the cilium. Defects in ARL13B lead to Joubert syndrome (JBTS), an autosomal recessive disorder characterised by malformation of the cerebellum. Consequentially, JBTS patients lack muscle control and tone, among other defects.

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