Rotor-Gene Q PCR cycler

Qiagen 0907

The centrifugal rotary design of the Rotor-Gene Q makes it a precise, versatile real-time PCR cycler. Each tube spins in a chamber of moving air, keeping all samples at precisely the same temperature during rapid thermal cycling. Detection is similarly uniform.

When each tube aligns with the detection optics, the sample is illuminated and the fluorescent signal rapidly collected from a single, short optical pathway. This thermal and optical uniformity results in sensitive, precise, fast real-time PCR analysis. It also eliminates sample-to-sample variations and edge effects. These are unavoidable in traditional block-based instruments due to temperature gradients across the block and multiple, complex optical pathways.

The rotary design delivers: well-to-well variation below ±0.01°C (20 times less than block cyclers), uniform detection eliminating the need for ROX reference dye, and fast ramping and negligible equilibration times for short run times. With up to 6 channels spanning UV to infrared wavelengths, the cycler delivers the widest optical range currently available.

The Rotor-Gene Q supports multiple PCR tube formats to suit a range of needs. As well as tubes, Rotor-Discs, circular plates of vertically-oriented reaction wells, are available for accelerated setup and higher throughput (96 wells with 4 reference wells).

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