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Just add water for faster reactions

22 May, 2012

The speed of hydrogenation and hydrogenolysis reactions has been found to increase in the presence of water. Researchers found that the presence of even the most minute amounts of water - on the order of those in an outer-space vacuum - can accelerate the diffusion of hydrogen atoms on iron oxide by 16 orders of magnitude at room temperature.

Spectro analytical technology platforms for oil and lubricant analysis

27 March, 2012

Spectro has released a range of analytically significant technology platforms in the field of oil and lubricant analysis. The company’s lab, field-portable and handheld analytical tools are based on emission, infrared, FTIR and X-ray technologies, among others.

Petrospec Turbine Diesel Portable Process Analyzer

08 February, 2012

Petrospec’s Turbine Diesel Portable Process Analyzer (TD PPA) provides a global analysis of diesel and jet fuel blends in 3 min using only 10 mL of sample and no sample preparation.

PAC PetroSpec QuickSpec analyser

02 November, 2011 by

PAC’s PetroSpec QuickSpec analyser delivers simple, fast and accurate analysis of gasoline-grade ethanol in the field.

Teledyne Leeman Labs Hydra mercury analyser range

20 October, 2011 by

The Teledyne Leeman Labs mercury analysers automate the determination of mercury, freeing time for other laboratory tasks. With capabilities to analyse mercury at levels of 1 ppt and less, analysis times of one minute per sample and a specially designed early warning system to protect against contamination by samples with high mercury levels, the analysers are suitable for any lab wanting accuracy, speed and reliability in mercury analysis.

Thomas Cain automated sampling handling systems range

18 October, 2011 by

The Thomas Cain range of automated sampling handling systems fully automates the sample preparation for EPA and other laboratory methods that use hot water baths or heated blocks.

PAC-Antek Sulfur Express sulfur detector

31 May, 2011 by

The PAC-Antek Sulfur Express sulfur detector uses the ASTM D7620 - 10 standard test method for the determination of total sulfur in liquid hydrocarbon-based fuels by continuous injection, air oxidation and ultraviolet fluorescence detection (doesn’t require compressed gases).

Velp Scientifica NDA 701 Dumas nitrogen analyser

13 April, 2011 by

The Velp Scientifica NDA 701 Dumas nitrogen analyser uses advanced technology to optimise productivity in the food and feed industries.

FMS PowerPrep SPE automated One Step Extraction and Concentration System

11 April, 2011 by

The PowerPrep SPE system replaces older techniques such as liquid-liquid extraction or LLE and automates existing manual SPE techniques. The PowerPrep SPE automated One Step Extraction and Concentration System is built by design to simplify, improve and increase productivity by automating the manual steps in a sample preparation process.

Syrris Asia modular flow chemistry systems range

09 April, 2011 by

Syrris has launched its Asia range of modular flow chemistry systems. The high-performance, flexible and easy-to-use system is scalable and modular, making it suitable for any flow chemistry requirements.

Romer Labs peanut, gluten, milk, tree nuts, egg and soy allergen test kits

04 February, 2011 by

Sources of allergens in finished food products can be from raw materials, cross contamination from other products made on the same equipment, or transferred from elsewhere in the manufacturing plant. The ability to test at all levels, both raw and finished goods as well as the plant environment, is an important tool in prevention of contaminated product.

Micromeritics NLDFT carbon nanotube characterisation models

03 February, 2011 by

Micromeritics maintains its scientific commitment to innovation in the area of gas adsorption technologies by introducing a series of six new NLDFT models. Four models provide researchers with additional options for characterising single-wall or multi-wall carbon nanotubes.

Micromeritics ChemiSorb series analysers

03 February, 2011 by

The Micromeritics ChemiSorb series analysers combine the ability to perform both physical adsorption and chemisorption measurements in an upgradeable system.

New microscale analytic technique

01 December, 2010

A NIST research group has developed TGA instrumentation capable of handling sample sizes an order of magnitude less than current commercial instruments.

Out-sniffing bomb-sniffing dogs

12 November, 2010

A Tel Aviv University researcher has pioneered the development of a swift, small, highly reliable sensor that is claimed to be able to detect explosives more reliably than trained sniffer dogs.

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