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Tanaka Scientific petroleum testing instruments

02 September, 2016

Tanaka Scientific has been pioneering the development of scientific instruments and is said to be a leader in the manufacture of automatic petroleum testing apparatus.

Syrris Orb Pilot jacketed reactor

22 August, 2016

Syrris has announced the Orb Pilot jacketed reactor, which is designed to offer flexible and pilot-scale batch chemistry. The user-friendly, floor-standing, scale-up jacketed reactor provides a combination of good performance and versatility.

Syrris Atlas HD automated jacketed reactor system

22 August, 2016

The Atlas HD automated jacketed reactor system is designed to offer flexibility and ease of use, combining intuitive touch-screen control with a wide range of options to suit virtually any reaction set-up.

A model for mysterious molecular hydrogen reactions

04 July, 2016

Curtin University alumnus Mark Zammit has led the development of a theoretical model to forecast the fundamental chemical reactions involving molecular hydrogen, which has remained largely unpredicted and unsolved by scientists for many decades.

Naming the periodic table's new babies

10 June, 2016

The researchers who discovered four new elements of the periodic table last year have submitted their proposed names to the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry.

OI Analytical Aurora 1030D Dual Oxidation Mode TOC Analyser

30 May, 2016

The OI Analytical Aurora 1030 Total Organic Carbon Analyser (TOC) uses the heated persulphate wet oxidation technique to analyse organic contamination levels in aqueous samples. Virtually all organic compounds dissolved in water can be oxidised by heated sodium persulphate.

How microbes make methane

24 May, 2016

US chemists have discovered once and for all how microbes make methane, settling a longstanding debate in the process.

Supercritical Fluid Technologies HPR-Micro Reactor

24 May, 2016

The HPR-Micro Reactor is a high-pressure reactor for early exploratory research. It is suitable for research, process development and screening applications when reagents, catalysts or other essential materials are expensive or only available in a limited supply.

PDR-Separations chiral compounds separation range

12 April, 2016

PDR-Separations has available a wide variety of products which are suitable for separating chiral compounds.

Biolin Scientific Q-Sense Initiator for measurement of surface-molecule interactions

01 April, 2016

The Q-Sense Initiator enables surface scientists to gain access to Q-Sense technology at an entry level.

Electric fields as catalysts

04 March, 2016 by Adam Florance

Scientists have harnessed static electricity, using an electron microscope as a kind of remote control, to increase the efficiency of the Diels-Alder reaction.

Vapour-based method for making crystals

18 December, 2015

An international team of scientists has developed a method of producing crystals called metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) — said to be the world's most porous materials — using vapour rather than liquid.

Your fingerprint can reveal whether you're male or female

01 December, 2015

Researchers from the University at Albany are taking crime scene investigation to a new level with the discovery that our fingerprints can be used to identify whether the print belongs to a male or a female.

Anton Paar Multiwave PRO microwave reaction system software update

24 November, 2015

Anton Paar's microwave reaction platform, the Multiwave PRO, is receiving a software update. The product is becoming an IoT (Internet of Things) device, enabling users to receive automated notification of completed runs and error reporting via email as well as remotely control the instrument using VNC.

Thermo Scientific Orion 3106 COD analyser

30 October, 2015

The Thermo Scientific Orion 3106 COD analyser combines a digestion step with colorimetric analysis to measure the concentration of organic compounds that can affect water quality.

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