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Harvard Apparatus anaesthesia systems for small animals

21 June, 2019

Harvard Apparatus' preconfigured small animal anaesthesia systems are complete, easy to use, versatile and compact.

The challenge of studying climate change

10 April, 2019

Understanding the long-term changes in the atmospheric composition, as well as the origin of pollutants, is critical to anticipate and mitigate changes in the Earth's climate.

Emerson Rosemount CT4400 Continuous Gas Analyzer

03 April, 2019

Emerson's Rosemount CT4400 Continuous Gas Analyzer is a purpose-built quantum cascade laser (QCL) and tunable diode laser (TDL) analyser designed to help plants report emissions correctly in environmental monitoring applications.

How to choose the right mixture for your application

01 April, 2019

Applications for specialised gas mixtures can range from high-accuracy instrument calibrations, to cell culture and welding. So how do you determine which product best suits your application?

FLIR GF77 Gas Find IR uncooled thermal camera for methane detection

08 February, 2019

FLIR Systems has announced the FLIR GF77 Gas Find IR, a thermal camera for detecting methane. The handheld camera offers inspection professionals the features they need to find potentially dangerous, invisible methane leaks.

Gerhardt DUMATHERM analyser

03 December, 2018

The Gerhardt DUMATHERM system allows users to easily determine the nitrogen content of solid and liquid samples in three minutes using the Dumas method.

Aalborg Instruments DPC series precision digital mass flow controllers

13 November, 2018

Aalborg Instruments' DPC series precision digital mass flow controllers provide stable control of the mass flow rate of process gases.

Gas mixing turnkey package for international university

04 October, 2018

The Bürkert Singapore office internally approached the Bürkert Australia Systemhaus, located in Sydney, for assistance in providing a solution to one of their local universities.

BOC BASELINE cylinder regulators and REDLINE gas supply systems

01 April, 2018

BOC offers two ranges of high-purity gas equipment — BASELINE cylinder regulators and REDLINE gas supply systems. The latter is available when installed by BOC Customer Engineering Services.

AII portable oxygen analysers with ATEX certification

26 March, 2018

The portable galvanic electrochemical oxygen analyser range from Advanced Instruments Inc (AII) now has ATEX approval for use in atmospheres containing acetylene and/or hydrogen.

BOC to locally produce over 8000 specialty gases

21 February, 2018

BOC Australia, part of The Linde Group, has unveiled a new $20 million specialty gases production facility and $15 million robot cylinder automation system at its Western Sydney site.

Mass Flow ONLINE MV-108 mass flow meter and MV-308 mass flow regulator

10 February, 2017

Mass Flow ONLINE has announced the release of the MV-108 mass flow meter and MV-308 mass flow regulator. The instruments provide local display, as well as an electronic output signal, and feature an accuracy of ±1% RD plus ±0.5% FS up to 250 Ln/min and ±2% RD for higher flow rates.

Peak Scientific Fixed Price Preventative Maintenance (FPPM) plan

05 February, 2017

Peak Scientific has introduced a maintenance plan for its gas generators that allows customers to fix maintenance costs for a set number of years.

CWE respiratory gas monitoring for small animals

14 November, 2016

CWE offers a range of gas analysers for different respiratory physiology applications.

Peak Scientific Solaris nitrogen gas generator system

09 September, 2016

Peak Scientific has announced the launch of the Solaris benchtop nitrogen gas generator system. The product provides a compact and convenient gas source for labs using ELSD (evaporative light scattering detector) instruments and compact mass spectrometers, which typically require lower flow rates and specific purity.

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