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BOC HiQ Environmental Standard gas mixtures

01 May, 2021

HiQ gas mixtures are formulated by BOC's experienced technical team so that the gas mixture is fit for each user's particular purpose.

Thermo Scientific AerosolSense Sampler

21 April, 2021

Thermo Fisher Scientific has announced the Thermo Scientific AerosolSense Sampler, designed to deliver fast insight into the presence of in-air pathogens including SARS-CoV-2.

Holographic sensor designed to detect harmful gases

21 April, 2021

Researchers have developed a wearable hologram sensor by integrating a metasurface with a gas-reactive liquid crystal optical modulator.

'Biohybrid' sensor can detect chemical odours

18 January, 2021

Researchers have combined biological and engineered elements to create a volatile organic compound sensor that has the ability to detect odours in gaseous form.

Hydrogen sensor inspired by butterflies, powered by light

08 December, 2020

Inspired by the surface of butterfly wings, researchers have developed a light-activated hydrogen sensor that produces ultraprecise results at room temperature.

Not all gas regulators are created equal

01 December, 2020

Choosing the best regulator for your application is critical but can be a mine field. The selection can vary based on your application, gas service, required pressure and purity.

Phosphine discovery hints at life on Venus

17 September, 2020

The detection of a rare molecule known as phosphine, in the clouds of the planet Venus, points to the potential existence of extraterrestrial 'aerial' life.

Recent advances in microbial air sampling

12 June, 2020 by Joe Cardamone, General Manager, Cell Biosciences

Through air sampling, it is possible to evaluate the level of microbial contamination in the environment. Active monitoring and passive monitoring techniques are available.

FAQs about hydrogen gas generation

09 June, 2020

Dr Nicole R Pendini provides answers to several frequently asked questions regarding the safe use of hydrogen generators in the workplace.

Peak Scientific TOC 1000 total organic carbon generator

19 May, 2020

Employing the latest gas generation technologies, the product has been designed with a small form factor for labs with limited space or for field use.

Compact gas sensor sniffs out nitrogen dioxide

05 May, 2020

The device could be deployed in potential hotspots around cities, alerting authorities if levels of harmful nitrogen dioxide start to spike.

Anton Paar Ultrapyc gas pycnometers

08 April, 2020

Anton Paar's Ultrapyc series of gas pycnometers include an intuitive user interface, built-in Peltier controller with a wide temperature range (from 15 to 50°C) and many more features designed to make true density measurement simple, precise and user-friendly.

Michell Instruments XTP501 Oxygen Analyser

17 February, 2020

Michell Instruments has launched a lightweight oxygen analyser to provide control of oxygen from 500 ppm O2 to oxygen purity in safe-area applications.

Why on-site gas generation?

20 January, 2020

Dr Nicole R Pendini reveals how on-site gas generation can help laboratories stay green, increase ROI and decrease OHS concerns.

Improved analysis of reaction kinetics

20 November, 2019

A simple benchtop device for measuring the kinetics of gas-producing reactions provides accurate reaction profiles with over 3000 measurements.

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