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CWE respiratory gas monitoring for small animals

14 November, 2016

CWE offers a range of gas analysers for different respiratory physiology applications.

Peak Scientific Solaris nitrogen gas generator system

09 September, 2016

Peak Scientific has announced the launch of the Solaris benchtop nitrogen gas generator system. The product provides a compact and convenient gas source for labs using ELSD (evaporative light scattering detector) instruments and compact mass spectrometers, which typically require lower flow rates and specific purity.

Peak Scientific FLEXFLOW gas subscription service

15 August, 2016

FLEXFLOW, a monthly gas subscription service, gives users an alternative to high-pressure cylinders, without the need to purchase and maintain generator equipment.

Surface Measurement Systems DVS Advantage Dynamic Vapour Sorption System

25 May, 2016

The Dynamic Vapour Sorption System (DVS) is part of the Surface Measurement Systems UK (SMS) product range of dynamic vapour sorption (DVS) technology and inverse gas chromatography instrumentation and solutions.

Gasmet CEMS II e FTIR gas emissions analyser

05 May, 2016

Gasmet Technologies' continuous emissions monitoring (CEM) system has completed EN 15267-3 testing using FTIR technology for the analysis of low-range HF, low-range NO, CH4 and formaldehyde. This means that it meets the performance specifications in European directives and also the more stringent specifications in the type approval standard EN 15267-3 for a large number of components.

Bombs away — detecting explosive devices

22 April, 2016 by Adam Florance

Detecting landmines, IEDs, backpack bombs and other homemade explosives is an area of growing importance in which law enforcement and military forces struggle to keep up with developments.

Michell XGA301 industrial gas analyser for glove boxes

11 April, 2016

Glove boxes are used extensively to handle hazardous or sensitive materials, often with a protective or highly controlled atmosphere. Michell's XGA301 industrial gas analyser provides a method to monitor for air leaks combined with moisture measurement.

Working hard for the mummy

17 March, 2016 by Lauren Davis

As part of efforts to preserve its collection of ancient Egyptian artefacts, Sydney University Museums engaged the expertise of gas company BOC to help update its anoxic treatment program.

[Peak Protected] Supported Maintenance for gas generators

22 February, 2016

Peak Scientific now enables sites to service laboratory gas generation systems that do not contain an internal air compressor. The company will send a preventive maintenance kit to the generator's site automatically when maintenance is due, alongside clear technical instruction of how to perform the maintenance safely and proficiently.

Fuels testing laboratory opens in Queensland

13 August, 2015

Product testing and inspection company Intertek has announced the opening of a new fuels testing laboratory in Gladstone, Queensland.

Siemens Ultramat 7 and Calomat 7 modules for Siprocess GA700 gas analysis system

07 July, 2015

Siemens has released two analyser modules for its Siprocess GA700 gas analysis system. Users can configure flexible analytical solutions for measuring oxygen, hydrogen, noble gases or infrared-active components such as carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.

Witt-Gasetechnik KM100-MEM+ gas mixing system

05 June, 2015

The Witt-Gasetechnik KM100-MEM+ mixing system, for up to three gases, uses electronically actuated valves and features a gas mixture setting that is claimed to be very precise in comparison to manual settings.

Witt-Gasetechnik Leak-Master leak test devices

30 April, 2015

The Leak-Master series of leak test devices locate small holes in rigid or flexible packaging quickly and precisely, enabling inert gas and vacuum packaging to be tested for leaks via a method that doesn't involve trace gas.

Brooks Instrument GF40/80 Series thermal mass flow controllers and flow meters

15 March, 2015

Brooks Instrument has released the GF40/80 Series thermal mass flow controllers (MFCs) and flow meters. The units are available with the company's MultiFlo technology, which enables fast changeover from one gas type to another.

Aalborg Instruments ZFM mass flow meters

11 March, 2015

Aalborg Instruments' ZFM mass flow meters combine meter intelligence, user convenience and good flow performance. They are designed for multigas/multirange functionality up to 8 bar (currently six gases) and standard accuracy of ± (0.5% RD + 0.2% FS) based on actual calibration.

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