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MMI CellScan whole slide imaging with laser microdissection

03 May, 2018

MMI CellScan by Molecular Machines & Industries (MMI) is a microscopy-based slide scanner that allows users to scan full-resolution digital slides, annotate their selection and cut cells by laser microdissection — all in one system.

Breast cancer diagnosis pill to outperform mammograms?

01 May, 2018

US researchers are developing a pill that makes tumours light up when exposed to infrared light, and they have demonstrated that the concept works in mice.

Shimadzu LIGHTVISION near-infrared fluorescence imaging system

27 April, 2018

The LIGHTVISION near-infrared fluorescence imaging system is designed to support breast cancer treatment through the visualisation of lymph vessels and blood vessels based on the detection of near-infrared fluorescent light emitted from indocyanine green (ICG).

Raptor Ninox 1280 visible SWIR camera

01 April, 2018

The Ninox 1280 visible SWIR camera offers HD resolution for high-end scientific and astronomy applications.

Malvern Morphologi 4 series automated imaging with integrated MDRS

01 April, 2018

The Morphologi 4 automated static imaging system and Morphologi 4-ID, with integrated Morphologically-Directed Raman Spectroscopy (MDRS), are powerful tools for every scientist seeking absolute analysis and understanding of their samples.

Acquifer HCS imaging machine for high-content screening

08 March, 2018

The HCS Imaging Machine from Acquifer is a smart image acquisition system designed for high-content screening, experiment reproducibility, integrating data storage and processing.

Photometrics Iris 9 large-field-of-view sCMOS camera

06 March, 2018

The Photometrics Iris 9 Scientific CMOS camera is designed to deliver high-resolution images at high frame rates for live cell microscopy, light sheet microscopy, multicolour fluorescence, high content screening and tiling applications.

Photometrics Iris 15 sCMOS camera for light sheet microscopy

01 March, 2018

The Iris 15 Scientific CMOS camera from Photometrics is designed with a large field of view for live cell microscopy applications, light sheet microscopy, multicolour fluorescence, genomic analysis/sequencing, high-content and high-throughput cell screening, tissue and cellular imaging as well as tiling applications.

Phasefocus Livecyte Live Cell Imaging and Analysis System

01 March, 2018

The Livecyte is an imaging system for live cell analysis, used to study cell functions and behaviour. It can reveal the inner details of transparent structures without the need for staining or tagging.

Ziath DataPaq Mirage 2D barcode scanner for liquid handling systems

13 February, 2018

Ziath's 2D barcode rack scanner, the DataPaq Mirage, is a camera-based scanner with a low-profile design.

SPECIM IQ mobile hyperspectral camera

20 December, 2017

SPECIM IQ is a mobile hyperspectral camera that allows users to analyse material samples anywhere, in seconds.

VisiTech International VT-iSIM high-speed, super-resolution imaging system

05 December, 2017

The VT-iSIM high-speed imaging system, from VisiTech International, produces super-resolution images in real time at up to 1000 fps.

Chromacity Lasers Spark 1040 ultrafast laser system for multiphoton microscopy

04 December, 2017

The Spark 1040 Laser System from Chromacity Lasers is an air-cooled, compact, ultrafast ytterbium fibre-based laser providing high performance with turnkey operation. It is available in two versions, delivering either 500 mW or up to 2.5 W.

Excelitas Technologies X-Cite FIRE illumination system for fluorescence microscopy

10 November, 2017

The X-Cite FIRE fluorescence illumination system by Excelitas Technologies is an arc lamp replacement for routine and advanced fluorescence imaging applications.

pco.Panda ultracompact 4.2 MP sCMOS camera

26 October, 2017

The pco.Panda sCMOS camera is suitable for applications such as GSDIM, PALM, STORM, SPIM, SIM, live cell microscopy, single-molecule detection, light sheet microscopy, spinning disk confocal microscopy, FRET, FRAP, fluorescence spectroscopy, bio- and chemi-luminescence and high content screening.

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