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HunterLab ColorFlex EZ spectrophotometer

15 June, 2011 by

HunterLab’s ColorFlex EZ compact benchtop spectrophotometer takes colour quality-control measurements to a new level, with 45/0 optical design for colour measurement precision. The spectrophotometer combines versatility, flexibility, simplicity and performance in one easy-to-use instrument.

Lonza Lucetta single-sample luminometer

18 April, 2011 by

The Lucetta single-sample luminometer can be used for the detection of bioluminescence and chemiluminescence.

Heraeus Noblelight D2 plus deuterium lamps

06 April, 2011 by

The Heraeus Noblelight D2 plus deuterium lamps are claimed to offer higher stability and lower optical noise due to the combination of an advanced design and ELP technology. Heraeus has combined its broad knowledge of materials technology - UV/quartz glass and coatings, metals and ceramics - with advanced deuterium lamp design to satisfy this demand. This results in higher intensity and lower optical noise, producing the highest precision analytical results.

Jasco FP-8000 series spectrofluorometers

04 April, 2011 by

The Jasco FP-8000 series spectrofluorometers incorporate high sensitivity, functionality and fast spectral scanning capability. The series covers a wide range of applications and therefore offers the best solution from advanced materials analysis to biological research applications.

Spectroscopy comes out of the lab

28 December, 2010 by Glenn Johnson

Developments in technologies for building spectroscopes and spectrometers have advanced in leaps and bounds since the first commercial infrared spectroscope was developed in the 1940s and the first FT-IR spectrometer came on the market in 1969. Today, spectrometry is moving out of the lab and into the field and the process plant.

GE Healthcare NanoVue spectrophotometer

24 November, 2010 by

GE Healthcare’s NanoVue spectrophotometer is an easy-to-use and reliable instrument for the accurate and reliable quantification of nucleic acid and protein samples.

Skalar BluVision discrete analyser

22 November, 2010 by

The Skalar BluVision discrete analyser is suitable for the automation of colorimetric applications. It is based on the company’s XYZ robotic platform. The analyser was developed to handle a variety of sample types and matrices.

Bruker Optics Alpha benchtop FT-IR spectrometer

07 October, 2010 by

The Alpha benchtop FT-IR spectrometer features a small footprint, exchangeable sampling accessories and easy-to-use software.

Biochrom Libra UV-vis spectrophotometers

07 October, 2010 by

Biochrom has released eight models in the Libra UV-vis spectrophotometer range, so users are assured of finding a machine to match their needs.

ADC BioScientific OS5p portable pulse-modulated chlorophyll fluorometer

06 October, 2010 by

ADC BioScientific has released a portable pulse-modulated chlorophyll fluorometer which is suitable for the detailed analysis of plant.

Listening to ancient colours

13 September, 2010

A new photoacoustic infrared spectroscopy technique may help restorers identify decades-old pigments.

Spectrophotometric analysis - quantitation of nucleic acid using BioSpec-nano

02 September, 2010

The BioSpec-nano has 2 optical pathlengths (0.2 mm, 0.7 mm), allowing quantitation of nucleic acid with sample volumes of 1 µL and 2 µL, respectively.

Koehler automated colorimeter

06 August, 2010 by

The Koehler Automated Colorimeter can carry out an exact colorimetric evaluation in conformity with several ISO/ASTM standards with just a single measurement and display the result in terms of traditional colour systems such as Iodine, Hazen/APHA or Gardner colour numbers as well as in modern CIE-L*a*b* colour values. Besides the over 20 colour indexes, transmittance and absorbance can be measured at individual wavelengths so that the colorimeter can be used universally for analytical purposes in the laboratory.

Macherey-Nagel PF-12 photometer

01 June, 2010 by

Macherey-Nagel has released the PF-12 photometer, an alternative to the more technically advanced 500 D, already used in many laboratories worldwide.

BioTek Epoch multi-volume spectrophotometer system

06 May, 2010

BioTek’s Epoch multi-volume spectrophotometer system is designed for a wide range of applications, from nucleic acid and protein quantification on a micro scale to cell-based assays in microplates, BioCells or standard cuvettes.

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