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OsteoSys iNSiGHT DXA cabinet system

01 May, 2022

The iNSiGHT is a fully shielded DXA (DEXA, dual energy X-ray absorptiometry) cabinet system, designed by OsteoSys specifically for use on preclinical small animal models such as mice and rats.

X-ray detection at an ultralow level

09 March, 2022

Researchers have produced an efficient, robust and flexible scintillation film to bring significant improvements in medical, industrial and security X-ray imaging.

First light achieved for ANSTO's micro-CT beamline

14 January, 2022

The ~$10 million MCT beamline is the first part of Project BRIGHT, a $100 million upgrade of the 15-year-old Australian Synchrotron.

Visualising cell structures in three dimensions

09 December, 2021

Researchers recently optimised a special X-ray process to deliver high-resolution 3D images of entire cells and their molecular structure in just a few minutes.

Aus researchers create the world's thinnest X-ray detector

16 November, 2021

Tin monosulfide (SnS) nanosheets were used to create the thinnest X-ray detector ever recorded, potentially enabling real-time imaging of cellular biology.

Synchrotron images potential cancer treatment in a single cell

02 March, 2021

Using a 185 m beamline at the Diamond Light Source synchrotron, researchers successfully observed how osmium reacts in a single human lung cancer cell.

Thermo Scientific Niton XL5 Plus handheld XRF analyser

09 February, 2021

The Thermo Scientific Niton XL5 Plus handheld XRF analyser helps businesses mitigate risk through the use of X-ray fluorescence technology by providing lab-quality elemental analysis directly in the field.

X-rays reveal reptilian nature of ancient mammals

19 October, 2020 by Lauren Davis

X-ray analysis of 200 million-year-old teeth belonging to some of Earth's earliest mammals suggests they functioned more like reptiles.

X-ray laser to enable nanometre measurements

09 July, 2020

By reducing the beam diameter of an X-ray free-electron laser to 6 nm, researchers bring the utility of these lasers for imaging structures closer to the atomic level.

X-rays can now tell us about soft tissues

03 April, 2020

The advantage is that X-rays can provide much greater resolution than ultrasound — on the order of tens of micrometres (millionths of a metre) instead of millimetres.

Thermo Scientific IonicX portable XRF analyser

16 October, 2019

Pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturers can now verify the identity of ionic salts in the warehouse in a matter of seconds with the Thermo Scientific IonicX portable X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyser.

New non-invasive method for diagnosing coronary artery disease

03 July, 2019

Coronary CT angiography is a suitable diagnostic technique in patients with a low to intermediate probability of coronary artery disease, researchers say.

How can Sudoku help scientists X-ray granular movements?

05 December, 2018

Scientists have developed a new X-ray method which allows them to see inside granular flows — and the findings could have a big impact on numerous industries.

CAMECA SXFive-TACTIS electron probe microanalyser

29 November, 2018

CAMECA has announced the SXFive-TACTIS microanalytical instrument — an electron probe microanalyser (EPMA) with a touch-screen interface.

Drug-filled nanobubbles triggered by X-rays

17 July, 2018

The tiny bubbles, known as liposomes, are commonly used in pharmacology to encapsulate drugs, making them more effective in the treatment of disease.

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