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Soft X-rays observe carbon-based structures in living cells

12 June, 2024

Researchers have used a soft X-ray free electron laser to capture images of carbon-based structures in living cells, which have not been seen before with other instruments.

A golden key unlocks faster, sharper X-ray imaging

07 June, 2024

Scientists have used a layer of gold to improve the sharpness of X-ray imaging and potentially boost the speeds at which X-ray scans can be processed.

A gentle X-ray imaging method for small living specimens

11 January, 2024

Researchers have developed an X-ray imaging method that uses radiation more efficiently and produces images of micrometre resolution.

Thermo Scientific ARL X'TRA Companion X-ray Diffractometer

01 August, 2023

The benchtop θ/θ Bragg-Brentano X-ray diffractometer has been designed to provide precision, safety and ease of use in a compact, low-maintenance design.

Increasing the resolution of X-ray microscopy

20 April, 2023

Researchers have used the results of previous studies to solve the lingering problem of how to overcome the resolution limitations of existing X-ray microscopes.

Organic X-ray excitement enables innovative imaging

27 January, 2023

Organic-based materials could transform X-ray imaging by improving fabrication methods and providing reliable high-resolution imaging results.

New X-ray technique to image fluctuations in materials

23 January, 2023

The technique, dubbed coherent correlation imaging (CCI), allows for the creation of sharp, detailed movies without damaging the sample by excessive radiation.

Rad Source RS 2000 small animal irradiator

01 December, 2022

The Rad Source RS 2000, an X-ray system designed for life science, is a small animal irradiator with 95% or greater dose uniformity.

Photon-counting CT detector receives FDA approval

31 August, 2022

Photon-counting detectors operate using a fundamentally different mechanism to any prior CT detector.

OsteoSys iNSiGHT DXA cabinet system

01 May, 2022

The iNSiGHT is a fully shielded DXA (DEXA, dual energy X-ray absorptiometry) cabinet system, designed by OsteoSys specifically for use on preclinical small animal models such as mice and rats.

X-ray detection at an ultralow level

09 March, 2022

Researchers have produced an efficient, robust and flexible scintillation film to bring significant improvements in medical, industrial and security X-ray imaging.

First light achieved for ANSTO's micro-CT beamline

14 January, 2022

The ~$10 million MCT beamline is the first part of Project BRIGHT, a $100 million upgrade of the 15-year-old Australian Synchrotron.

Visualising cell structures in three dimensions

09 December, 2021

Researchers recently optimised a special X-ray process to deliver high-resolution 3D images of entire cells and their molecular structure in just a few minutes.

Aus researchers create the world's thinnest X-ray detector

16 November, 2021

Tin monosulfide (SnS) nanosheets were used to create the thinnest X-ray detector ever recorded, potentially enabling real-time imaging of cellular biology.

Synchrotron images potential cancer treatment in a single cell

02 March, 2021

Using a 185 m beamline at the Diamond Light Source synchrotron, researchers successfully observed how osmium reacts in a single human lung cancer cell.

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