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Mantracourt T24-RA wireless potentiometer module

02 February, 2012 | Supplied by:

The T24-RA wireless potentiometer module is designed for the collection and processing of potentiometer related measurements such as provided by a linear displacement transducer. The module calculates the resistance and periodically transmits it to a remote receiver.

Web resource for biobanking

10 January, 2012

CryoFeed is a web-based information resource for researchers who cryopreserve biological specimens. The microsite, developed by Wheaton, is a place where scientists can find the latest biobank related news and technical tips for topics like sample containment, management (tracking, batching and storing) and processing. Visitors can sign up for free updates, post comments and suggest topics for articles.

Two Fold Software Qualoupe LIMS software module with Consumable Stock Control

03 January, 2012 | Supplied by: OnQ Software Pty Ltd

The ability to automatically control stocks of consumables while processing samples can be a major timesaver for busy laboratory managers, which is why Two Fold Software has added a Consumable Stock Control software module to its Version 1.1 release of the company’s Qualoupe LIMS software.

Free software to speed drug development

05 December, 2011 by Jason Maderer

Pharmaceutical, organic electronic and catalysis researchers will be able to speed their development processes using the latest computer modelling software developed at Georgia Tech. The computer program can study larger molecules faster than any other program in existence and is designed to improve knowledge about why certain molecules are attracted to each other and how those relationships can be ‘tuned’ to improve drug development. Rather than selling the software, the developers have decided to distribute their code free of charge as part of the open-source computer program PSI4.

Bio-Rad Laboratories KnowItAll software version 9.0

05 December, 2011 | Supplied by: Bio-Rad Laboratories Pty Ltd

Bio-Rad Laboratories has announced an unlimited spectral range and resolution feature in version 9.0 of its KnowItAll software. KnowItAll 9.0 allows users to store spectra in a user database at the precise range and resolution at which each spectrum was measured rather than being forced to conform to a fixed range and resolution for the entire database. As a result, users have more control over their data and can perform more accurate spectral searches that compare experimental spectra to reference databases.

iKey FL-Series medical keyboards

02 December, 2011 | Supplied by: Interworld Electronics and Computer Industries

Medical environments offer challenges for keeping keyboards and other technology free from infectious viruses and bacteria. By preventing cross contamination, iKey medical grade input devices protect patients and caregivers from MRSA, HIV, Hepatitis, and other deadly diseases

Minimising challenges in biological modelling

01 December, 2011 | Supplied by: MathWorks Australia

Modelling has long played a key role in the drug discovery process, from isolating drug targets to screening and pharmacokinetics. Many pharmaceutical companies are currently facing patent expirations without replacement candidates in the pipeline or are struggling with high candidate attrition. Leaner pipelines results in necessary cost decreases, which can often lead to staff reductions. These struggles underscore the need for successful modelling in pharmaceutical R&D.

Munters free psychrometric tool for climate calculations

29 November, 2011 | Supplied by: Munters Pty Ltd

Munters’ free psychrometric calculation tool can be used to calculate the total, sensible, latent and moisture loads of any process. It has been designed for the iPhone and iPod Touch and can also run unmodified on an iPad for fast and accurate humidity calculations while on the go.

NovaStor NovaBACKUP SMB version 12.5

28 November, 2011 | Supplied by: ACA Pacific Pty Ltd

NovaStor has released the latest version of its NovaBACKUP SMB product line for workstations, servers and virtual machines. Version 12.5 offers enhanced backup of critical data to NAS devices, making it easier to be compliant with corporate security policies.

Significant does not equal important

24 October, 2011

Declaring a result ‘significant’ strongly suggests certainty, and that the result is large and important, but this is not what statistical significance implies. This is why statistical reformers are advocating a switch from significance testing to estimation.

Chromeleon 7.1 chromatography data system software

20 October, 2011 | Supplied by: Dionex Pty Ltd

Enterprise-ready Chromeleon 7.1 chromatography data system software combines smart functionality (Simply Intelligent) with a simple user interface (Operational Simplicity) and provides a fast path from samples to results.

Software keeps sensitive data confined in physical space

18 October, 2011

Virginia Tech researchers have created software to remotely put smartphones under lockdown.

Two Fold Software Qualoupe LIMS software with materials management capability

14 October, 2011 | Supplied by: OnQ Software Pty Ltd

An enhanced materials manager capability has been introduced to Two Fold Software’s Qualoupe LIMS solution which enables users to easily define the variety of materials that they test in their organisation.

Thermo Scientific Chromatography Resource Centre

13 October, 2011 | Supplied by: Thermo Fisher Scientific

The web-based Thermo Scientific Chromatography Resource Centre (CRC) provides application and method development information to help guide users through any HPLC and GC separation and sample preparation. The resource is available at

Join the cloud and make your computer part of a supercomputer

15 September, 2011

Members of the public are being asked to join the SkyNet community computing science initiative and contribute their spare computing power to process radio astronomy data.

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