Computing hardware/software

Omnian software for the MiniPal 4 X-ray fluorescence spectrometer

06 August, 2010 | Supplied by: PANalytical

PANalytical has extended the compatibility of its Omnian advanced standardless analysis software to include the compact benchtop MiniPal 4 X-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectrometer. This combination offers an XRF solution that is both easy to use and powerful. It is suitable for routine laboratory and field analysis, offering quantification of unknowns in situations where certified standards are not available.

Ecotech WinAQMS data acquisition system

05 August, 2010 | Supplied by: Ecotech Pty Ltd

Ecotech’s WinAQMS data acquisition system (DAS)is a fifth-generation data gathering and control system that has been specifically designed for use in ambient air, meteorological and emission monitoring applications.

Hengstler Tico 772 electronic multifunctional counter

05 August, 2010 | Supplied by: Automated Control Pty Ltd

The Hengstler Tico 772 electronic multifunctional counter is an AC version of the versatile counter.

SoftGenetics NextGENe sequence analysis software bar-code tool

15 June, 2010 | Supplied by: Millennium Science Pty Ltd

SoftGenetics has added a bar-code tool to its second-generation sequence analysis software, NextGENe. The software allows biologists to analyse the vast amount of data generated by next-generation sequencing systems using preprogrammed applications, an easy-to-use interface and algorithms, and quickly process the sequence and quality files on standard Windows 64-bit operating system hardware.

Mecmesin Emperor tension and compression testing software

07 June, 2010 | Supplied by: SI Instruments

Mecmesin Emperor software for tension and compression testing has been designed for use in quality control laboratories where the mechanical properties of manufactured products need to be assessed on a routine basis.

Biomatters Geneious Pro version 5.0 sequence analysis software

07 June, 2010 | Supplied by: Biomatters Ltd

Biomatters has released version 5.0 of Geneious Pro, its powerful but user-friendly sequence analysis software. This upgrade allows full bacterial genome assembly for data generated by Illumina, 454, SOLiD, Helicos and other sequencers to be done on a desktop computer and features many improvements to visualise, browse and analyse the large volumes of data created with next-generation sequencing.

SimBiology pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic modelling

06 April, 2010 | Supplied by: MathWorks Australia

The latest version of the graphical and programmatic tool for computational systems biology and pharmacokinetics, SimBiology, provides new features and enhanced performance capabilities, including multiple dosing schemes, for pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic (PK/PD) modelling and simulation of biological systems.

LabWare ELN

25 March, 2010 | Supplied by: LabWare Australia Pty Ltd

LabWare ELN provides scientists and other laboratory personnel with the automation tools necessary to manage experiments, to properly execute tasks and to capture, preserve and safeguard intellectual property.

Detecting bad data

04 March, 2010

An innovative computational technique that draws on statistics, imaging and other disciplines has the capability to detect errors in sensitive technological systems ranging from satellites to laboratories to weather instruments.

Kaluza Flow Cytometry Software

04 February, 2010 | Supplied by: Beckman Coulter Australia

Kaluza Flow Cytometry Software can be used for multiparametric data analyses. The dynamic, intelligent workflow is claimed will save hours of analysis time

Advantech multifunction USB-4702 DAQ

03 February, 2010 | Supplied by: Advantech Australia Pty Ltd

The Industrial Automation Group of Advantech has introduced an 8-channel, 12-bit, 10 kS/s multifunction USB DAQ module for testing, laboratory, student or training use. The USB-4702 is a specialised low-cost unit that has no casing whatsoever and is intended for users looking for basic functionality.

S-Matrix Corporation Fusion Method Development software

03 February, 2010 | Supplied by: Waters Australia Pty Ltd

Waters has become the exclusive distributor of Fusion Method Development software, developed by S-Matrix Corporation. The software works seamlessly with Waters Empower 2 chromatography data software (CDS) and Acquity UltraPerformance LC (UPLC) to automate liquid chromatographic method development according to quality-by-design (QbD) guidelines. Fusion not only greatly accelerates method development, it enables development of more robust methods which transfer successfully and withstand the test of repeated use.

Thermo Scientific Watson LIMS

03 February, 2010 | Supplied by: Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Fisher Scientific has released a full-featured LIMS that offers automated data management and is designed specifically for small to mid-sized laboratories. The recently released Thermo Scientific Watson LIMS offers enhanced functionality for large molecule bioanalysis in pharmaceutical and contract research organisation laboratories.

Computing in a backwards world

27 January, 2010

Dr Owen Maroney claims we can remember in a reversed universe and it's all to do with the heat coming from your computer.

Agilent GeneSpring GX data analysis

16 December, 2009 | Supplied by: Pacific Laboratory Products

GeneSpring GX from Agilent Technologies provides statistical tools for fast visualisation and analysis of expression and genomic structural variation data.

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