Computing hardware/software

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments PTM Finder software

20 November, 2009 | Supplied by: Shimadzu Scientific Instruments (Oceania) Pty Ltd

PTM Finder software uses data mining to investigate post-translational modification in complex protein samples, including data for hypothetical, novel modifications. The software is designed to integrate with the Axima range of Maldi mass spectrometers.

Online manuals, instructions, data sheets and informational documents

13 November, 2009 | Supplied by: Beckman Coulter Australia

Beckman Coulter’s Chemistry and Automation product chemistry and automation manuals, instructions, data sheets and informational documents are available online at

ChromSword Automated Method Development interface

13 November, 2009 | Supplied by: Dionex Pty Ltd

ChromSword has released the Automated Method Development interface for its ChromSwordAuto product and the Dionex Chromeleon CDS software, allowing the Dionex UltiMate 3000 liquid chromatograph to interface with method development tools from ChromSword.

Data management and e-research

10 November, 2009

Through its Super Science initiative, the federal government is recognising the importance of information technology as an innovation driver.

Convert mobile phones to data collectors for free

03 November, 2009

Mobile phones are on the verge of becoming powerful tools to collect data on many issues, ranging from global health to the environment.

NICE solution to pneumonia vaccine testing problems

22 October, 2009

An automated imaging and colony counting software system created at the National Institute of Standards and Technology is improving the efficiency of a pneumonia vaccine testing method.

Image analysis software

09 October, 2009 | Supplied by:

Image-Pro Plus version 7.0 is the ultimate image analysis software package for fluorescence imaging, quality assurance, materials imaging and various other scientific, medical and industrial applications.

3D and 4D interactive image visualisation software

01 October, 2009 | Supplied by: SciTech Pty Ltd

Imaris is Biplane’s core imaging software module for image analysis, visualisation, segmentation and interpretation of 3D and 4D microscopy data sets. Combining speed, precision and ease-of-use, Imaris provides a complete image analysis system with features for image processing when working with three- and four-dimensional, multi-channel images of any size, from a few megabytes to multiple gigabytes in size.

Counting and measuring seeds and grains

17 September, 2009 | Supplied by: Next Instruments Pty Ltd

SeedCount Australasia and Weiss Enterprises have licensed their SeedCount and CornCount Image Analysis systems to Stadvis. The license transfers the worldwide rights for manufacturing, sales and marketing for SeedCount and CornCount to Stadvis Pty Ltd, a manufacturer of NIR analysers for the grains and food industries.

Protecting privacy in DNA research

25 August, 2009

A team from the International Computer Science Institute (ICSI), Tel Aviv University and University of California, Berkeley have developed a mathematical formula to determine which SNPs can be publicly accessed without compromising information about the participation of any individual in the study.

Detecting bias in the reporting of clinical trials

20 August, 2009

A team of researchers from the University of Leicester has investigated two methods that both proved effective in identifying and eliminating publication bias from medical research.

Biobanking and biospecimen management software solution

10 August, 2009 | Supplied by: Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Fisher Scientific has announced that its Nautilus LIMS (laboratory information management system) now delivers purpose-built functionality to meet the specific needs of the biobanking industry.

Data transformation tool

10 August, 2009 | Supplied by: Thermo Fisher Scientific

The Thermo Fisher Scientific Integration Manager is a flexible data transformation tool for automated data acquisition and point-to-point data distribution across the enterprise.

Laboratory information management

10 August, 2009 | Supplied by: LTech Australia Pty Ltd

Lims1 provides a fully functional laboratory information management solution which is easy to maintain. All activities from sample registration, analysis, reporting, instrument interfacing and invoicing are supported.

Nanomechanical testing software

10 August, 2009 | Supplied by: Agilent Technologies Australia Pty Ltd

Agilent Technologies has released a more powerful version of its NanoSuite software package (formerly known as TestWorks). Designed for use with the company’s line of nanoindentation and tensile-testing instruments, NanoSuite 5.0 software offers advanced features such as enhanced imaging capabilities, survey scanning and a new test method development environment. All NanoSuite 5.0 functions have been optimised to help researchers run tests and manage data with speed and ease.

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