Kartell wash bottles

07 August, 2014 | Supplied by: Sieper & Co Pty Ltd

As part of the plastilab range (general-purpose labware), Kartell manufactures a series of polyethylene (PE) wash bottles for cleaning laboratory glassware and other laboratory equipment. The wash bottles are suitable for use with alcohols, acids, alkalis, aldehydes, esters and ketones, and comply with international standards making them safe for use with foodstuff.

Immucor Capture antibody detection technology

21 July, 2014 | Supplied by: Immulab Pty Ltd

bioCSL has commenced distribution of Immucor's Capture technology platform and reagents in Australia and New Zealand. Capture is antibody detection technology used in the crossmatching of blood used for transfusion.

Bio-Rad SsoAdvanced Universal Inhibitor-Tolerant SYBR Green Supermix reagent for qPCR data delivery

15 July, 2014 | Supplied by: Bio-Rad Laboratories Pty Ltd

Bio-Rad Laboratories has launched the SsoAdvanced Universal Inhibitor-Tolerant SYBR Green Supermix, a solution for obtaining reproducible, optimal-quality qPCR data from challenging samples.

JT Baker Baker Instra-Analyzed Plus acids

09 July, 2014 | Supplied by: Avantor Performance Materials

Avantor Performance Materials has launched high-purity laboratory acids optimised for trace metal analysis and designed to meet the needs of users in environmental, food, quality-control and other testing applications.

Eppendorf Cell Culture Consumables

09 July, 2014 | Supplied by: Eppendorf South Pacific Pty Ltd

Eppendorf has a complete range of cell culture consumables as part of its growing cell culture solutions portfolio. In the development of the consumables, the company has focused on user needs for good cell performance, reliability and protection against contamination.

ibidi Fuse-It membrane fusion technology

05 July, 2014 | Supplied by: DKSH Australia Pty Ltd

ibidi Fuse-It reagents are an alternative to gene transfection. The product line uses membrane fusion to transfer various molecules and particles into living cells. The speed and efficiency of the technique cuts down experiment times from days to minutes.

CHROMagar C.difficile culture medium

04 July, 2014 | Supplied by: Dutec Diagnostics Pty Ltd

CHROMagar C.difficile is a fluorogenic culture medium which is very sensitive and selective, especially designed to simplify and speed up the culture of C.difficile.

Using water for chemical synthesis

30 June, 2014

Researchers from McGill University have discovered a way to use water as a solvent in one of the reactions most widely used to synthesise chemical products and pharmaceuticals.

Cerilliant Snap-N-Spike reference standards of designer psychedelics

18 June, 2014 | Supplied by: Merck

Cerilliant has introduced six certified Snap-N-Spike reference standards of designer psychedelics in the NBOMe (N-methoxybenzyl-substituted) class of phenethylamines.

Reagent enables a urine test for bladder cancer

29 May, 2014

Sienna Cancer Diagnostic has successfully registered its lead product, Anti-hTERT antibody (SCD-A7), with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). SCD-A7 is an antibody against telomerase, an enzyme which can be found in 80-90% of human carcinomas.

Molecular Devices MultiWash+ Microplate Washer

23 May, 2014 | Supplied by: Bio-Strategy Pty Ltd

MultiWash+ is an automated microplate washer that provides maximum flexibility with a minimal footprint. The MultiWash+ Microplate Washer can be configured for both 96- and 384-well plates and comes with four wash/rinse bottles and one waste bottle for out-of-the-box use.

Randox Acusera Liquid Assayed Chemistry Premium and Premium Plus controls

20 May, 2014 | Supplied by: Randox (Australia) Pty Ltd

The TGA has cleared two Randox liquid assayed chemistry controls for use in Australian medical laboratories. Randox believes the controls will revolutionise quality control in laboratories, saving time and money while ensuring accurate results and patient diagnosis.

3D-printed mouthpiece customised for sleep apnoea sufferers

13 May, 2014

A new 3D-printed device, developed by CSIRO in collaboration with dental company Oventus, is set to end the suffering for thousands of sleep apnoea patients.

Cerilliant Certified Spiking Solutions of corticosteroids

29 April, 2014 | Supplied by: Merck

Cerilliant has introduced four Certified Spiking Solutions of the corticosteroids pregnenolone, 17alpha-hydroxypregnenolone, cortisone and 11-deoxycorticosterone at concentrations of 100 µg/mL in methanol.

Patrys antibody produced in plants

03 April, 2014

The IgM antibody PAT-SM6, developed by biotechnology company Patrys, has been produced through a plant-based manufacturing system.

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