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VWR International Tuttnauer benchtop autoclaves

10 April, 2012

Tuttnauer offers a full range of benchtop autoclaves in a variety of sizes, from 19-160 L. These are available in automatic and manual control.


02 April, 2012

IKATHERM hotplates allow for precise and safe heating and tempering due to a platform made from glass ceramics that ensures good chemical resistance to acids, bases and solvents.

IKA EH 4 basic thermostats

02 April, 2012

IKA thermostats ensure the safe and precise temperature control of liquids, the company claims. Able to withstand a heat output of 1500 W, the thermostats comply with all safety requirements for electrically operated devices.

IKA HB 10 digital heating bath

02 April, 2012

The IKA heating bath HB 10 digital is suitable as a water- or oil-heating bath for the tempering of liquids. It has a heating power of 1350 W, offers protection against dry running and is made from recyclable materials.

Torrey Pines Scientific heating and chilling lab equipment

16 February, 2012

Torrey Pines Scientific has announced its catalogue for 2012/2013.

Schuett Phoenix II Safety Bunsen Burner

24 November, 2011

The Schuett Phoenix II Safety Bunsen Burner is designed for laboratory requirements in research, industry and education. The safety Bunsen burner and its accessories are suitable for use in biological safety cabinets and chemical laboratories.

Stuart Scientific antimicrobial equipment range

14 October, 2011 by

The Stuart range of benchtop science equipment comprises more than 100 products including block heaters, colony counters, hotplates, stirrers, rockers and shakers, rotary evaporators and water baths. Other equipment includes melting point apparatus and water stills, with the Aquatron and Merit ranges.

Sanyo MCO-19AIC CO2 incubator

13 October, 2011 by

The Sanyo MCO-19AIC CO2 incubator is the claimed first CO2 incubator with a H2O2 decontamination system and multilevel contamination control for the most demanding of cell culture and regulated applications.

Torrey Pines Scientific EchoTherm programmable digital hot plate

25 June, 2011

The Torrey Pines Scientific EchoTherm programmable digital hot plate features a milled-flat cast aluminium top. It is particularly suited for use in precisely heating solids like silicon wafers, electronic chips, displays, adhesives and for doing photo-resists.

Thermoline digital muffle furnaces

10 April, 2011 by

Thermoline has extended its range of laboratory furnaces with two digital muffle furnaces. Both feature a front counter-balanced, slide-up door which leaves the hot door surface facing away from the user. The furnaces are available in 8 and 16 L capacities

Thermoline heating mantles

10 April, 2011 by

Thermoline’s range of heating mantles are lightweight and easy to use. They feature simple turn dials, one for temperature control up to 450° and the other for stirring-speed control up to 750 rpm. The mantels are suitable for use with most vessel brands.

Carbolite customised class 10,000 cleanroom oven solution

04 April, 2011 by

Carbolite has played a role in helping to create a customised manufacturing solution for a leading producer of arterial stents used by clinicians to treat cardiovascular disease.

Torrey Pines Scientific EchoTherm HP61 and HS61 programmable hotplates and stirring hotplates

16 March, 2011 by

Torrey Pines Scientific’s EchoTherm programmable hotplates and digital stirring hotplates are suitable for use with large samples in chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental, biochemical, electronic and other laboratories where temperature accuracy, accurate temperature profiles, ease of use and reproducible sample preparations are a must.

BIO Cabinets Model 6016 benchtop refrigerated CO2 incubator

15 March, 2011

The Model 6016 incubator is claimed to be the only benchtop refrigerated CO2 incubator, creates a stable environment for cell growth and is designed for demanding applications.

Bioline BL8600 incubator shaker

03 February, 2011 by

The Bioline BL8600 incubator shaker provides consistent, accurate, reproducible results within a temperature-controlled environment. The BL8600 is easy to set up and offers quiet, maintenance-free operation.

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