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Asynt DrySyn Snowstorm MULTI heating and cooling block

03 December, 2014

The DrySyn Snowstorm MULTI from Asynt provides a simple and highly effective way to perform multiple reactions in parallel across a large temperature range, including sub-ambient chemistries such as organometallic syntheses and controlled rate crystallisation studies down to -60°C.

Stuart Undergrad hotplate stirrers

23 October, 2014

Stuart has expanded its range of Undergrad hotplate stirrers with two digital models. In order to deliver high levels of control and accuracy, the models include an LED display with an exact, continuous readout of the surface temperature.

Powering the future with plasma fusion

10 October, 2014 by Lauren Davis

When it comes to finding new sources of energy, the Australian Plasma Fusion Research Facility (APFRF) is looking onwards and upwards - quite literally, in fact.

Asynt DrySyn heating block attachments for magnetic stirring hotplates

08 October, 2014

The DrySyn range of heating blocks from Asynt allows even heating of round-bottom flasks, simply by adding a heating block to existing flat-plated hotplates. The range is a flexible, modular system giving the user control over temperature and the ability to use one hotplate for multiple reactions.

Priorclave C60 top-loading autoclave

10 September, 2014

The Priorclave C60 top-loading autoclave is suitable for laboratories with limited floor space or a high-density load requirement. The product is equipped with castors, enabling it to be easily moved when required, and easily plugs into a 13 A socket to power up.

Labwit ZXRD/ZXFD programmable drying ovens

31 August, 2014

The Labwit forced-air drying ovens are engineered for daily work - from routing simple glassware-drying sterilisation applications up to 200-300°C, to complex controlled-heating applications, eg, aging, bonding, curing, heat treat annealing, stress relieving, burn-in, hardening test purposes, etc.

Anton Paar Monowave EDU microwave synthesis reactor

21 August, 2014

Monowave EDU, a microwave synthesis reactor from Anton Paar, is suitable for people in academic research who benefit from minimised reaction times. The unit comes with consumables that can be re-used many times.

Fusion research facility reaches for the stars

11 July, 2014

The Australian Plasma Fusion Research Facility (APFRF) has been officially launched at the Australian National University (ANU). The laboratory has been significantly upgraded thanks to a Commonwealth investment of $7.9 million from the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Scheme (NCRIS) and associated programs.

Stuart SMP 30 melting point apparatus

11 June, 2014

The Stuart SMP 30 melting point apparatus can hold up to three melting point tubes simultaneously. The optimised heating block has a maximum temperature of 400°C and has a variable ramp up between 0.5 and 10°C, in 0.1°C increments.

Huber MPC and CC thermostatic baths with polycarbonate tanks

10 June, 2014

LabFriend sells both the CC and MPC models of thermostatic baths with polycarbonate tanks from Huber. Both are classical constructed laboratory circulators with an open bath style.

Torrey Pines Scientific EchoTherm Model HS65 Programmable Digital Stirring Hot Plate

06 June, 2014

The EchoTherm Model HS65 Programmable Digital Stirring Hot Plate, with five stirring positions, is suitable for use in chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental, biochemical and other laboratories where reproducible, hands-off sample preparation and experimentation is important.

Heidolph MR Hei-Standard magnetic stirring hotplates package

04 June, 2014

Heidolph magnetic stirrers are said to provide good quality, reliability and replicable results. The product provides flexibility and a variety of uses due to the large amount of compatible accessories - from reaction blocks for round-bottom flasks to temperature probes.

Heating block systems support synthesis research

21 May, 2014

Monash University's School of Chemistry has invested in a range of Asynt DrySyn Multi heating block systems to support its groundbreaking research in photovoltaics, water splitting and nanoimaging.

Thermo Scientific VersaCool circulating bath

13 May, 2014

The Thermo Scientific VersaCool refrigerated circulating bath features a headless, coil-less design. It is suitable to be used as a recirculating refrigerated bath or heated circulator and can be used on or under a bench, fume hood, industrial or mobile installations.

PolyScience Advanced Programmable Circulating Baths

08 August, 2013

A line of sophisticated circulating water baths that make it simple to create and run multistep ramp and soak temperature programs, as well as frequently used single temperature testing protocols, is now available from PolyScience.

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