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PHCbi VIP ECO SMART ultralow-temperature freezers

28 September, 2023

The VIP ECO SMART combines next-generation engineering with SMART control technology to provide a ULT freezer with high energy efficiency and enhanced security and operation.

MGI MGICLab-LT automated biorepository

29 August, 2023

Featuring robotic vertical sample storage rooms at an ultralow temperature of -80°C, the MGICLab-LT automated biorepository is designed to offer stable and safe storage for different-scale preservation of various sample types.

'Antifreeze' developed for biological material

11 July, 2023

A newly developed protein that works like an antifreeze agent could be used to freeze and defrost biological material without causing any damage.

Liquid nitrogen freezers a game changer for pharma industry

19 April, 2023 by Del Williams*

Liquid nitrogen freezers safely deliver temperature-controlled freezing down to ‑160°C in minutes to preserve drug products, active ingredients and biological samples.

DAIHAN DuoFreez U700 smart digital ULT

01 March, 2023

DAIHAN's DuoFreez U700 is a smart, digital, ultralow-temperature freezer (ULT) that has a capacity of 714 L and a temperature range of -90 to-65°C.

Benchtop blast freezers simplify R&D of temp-sensitive materials

23 November, 2022 by Del Williams*

Mini blast freezers can lower the temperature far below conventional levels in minutes as well as promptly thaw as needed.

Cryogenic blast freezing to -90°C in minutes increases throughput

08 August, 2022 by Del Williams*

Safely circulating air cooled by liquid nitrogen enables rapid product freezing in a fraction of the time required by traditional compressor-based units.

Upright liquid nitrogen biorepositories: safe, reliable and controllable

24 June, 2022 by Del Williams*

Upright LN2 freezers remove the risk of direct contact with liquid nitrogen associated with cryovats.

Envirotainer launches CryoSure — A revolution in -70°C cryogenic shipping

01 June, 2022

Whereas most of the temperature-controlled pharmaceutical shipment solutions have historically involved temperature ranges of 2–8°C and 15–25°C, many pharma products and biospecimen samples require below -70°C shipments.

PHCbi MPR series pharmaceutical fridges

01 June, 2022

The MPR pharmaceutical refrigerators are designed to prioritise sample integrity with temperature uniformity, even during defrost cycles.

How to qualify a vaccine thermal shipping container

01 October, 2021

A thermal shipper is basically a combination of a shipping box and ice chest equipped with cold packs that keep contents at the correct temperature.

Sample storage: how chill do you want to be?

01 September, 2021 by David Felici

When it comes to choosing cold storage for laboratory purposes, the question scientists or researchers should consider is: can I afford to place my research in a domestic refrigerator or freezer?

Thermo Scientific TSX Series Ultra-Low Temperature (ULT) Freezers

24 June, 2021

The Thermo Scientific TSX Series Ultra-Low Temperature (ULT) Freezers have been fully upgraded to provide research, pharmaceutical manufacturing, clinical, biorepository and industrial laboratories with safeguards to deliver environmentally sustainable protection of materials.

Storage solutions for today and tomorrow's vaccines

01 April, 2021

A vaccine is only as good as the place it's stored in, as most require highly specific temperatures to remain effective.

Huber Piccolo chiller

05 February, 2021

Huber's Piccolo chiller is powered by thermoelectric Peltier technology. The technology enables rapid heating or cooling entirely without refrigerant, which is beneficial for the environment.

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