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Huber Ministat ultracompact refrigeration circulator

17 September, 2013

Huber Ministats are small cooling circulators which have enough power to thermoregulate photometers, refractometers, viscosimeters, distillation apparatus, reactor vessels and mini plants.

GFL ultralow freezers

30 August, 2013

GFL ultralow freezers, fully manufactured in Germany, are available from Capella Science. There are six models in the chest freezer range, from 30 to 500 L. The three upright models include a 500, 300 and 96 L under-bench model. The company also offers a corresponding range of -40°C freezers in the same sizes.

Bioline SU780 UltraLow Freezer

08 August, 2013

The SU780 UltraLow Freezer is claimed to slash energy costs by up to 50% or more. Bioline Global has announced that the results of real-life testing in Australian research institutes have shown energy savings of more than 60%.

Daihan WiseCryo Digital Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer

06 April, 2013

Abacus ALS is now supplying the WiseCryo Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer from Daihan, which offers built-in backup due to its high-stability system powered by two Simplified Hi-Efficiency Freezing System (SHFS) compressors operating independently.

New Brunswick HEF High Efficiency Freezers

11 July, 2012

New Brunswick’s HEF High Efficiency Freezer models are said to consume up to 59% less energy than competitive units, potentially saving thousands in operating costs over the lifetime of the freezer, and have significantly less carbon impact on the environment than other systems.

Sentry Temperature Control Unit (TCU) system

04 May, 2012

A temperature control unit (TCU) provides controlled temperature water (coolant) to a group of secondary sample coolers in order to ensure closely controlled sample temperatures. Sentry TCU systems are predesigned, prepiped packages available in sizes from 3-15 t, air- or water-cooled.

BioCision CoolCell product line including the CoolCell FTS30

12 August, 2011 by

BioCision has expanded its CoolCell product line with three new cell freezing systems. All CoolCell freezing solutions deliver a controlled freezing rate of -1°C/min in a -80°C freezer, with high reproducibility of freezing profiles and consistent cell viability and function after thawing. The alloy-based technology allows maintenance-free operation and is an alternative to conventional freezing methods or programmable freezers.

Sanyo dual-cooling freezer

10 August, 2011 by

Sanyo has expanded its range of dual-cooling -86°C freezers with the launch of the extra-large capacity MDF-U700VX, an upright 728 L model which provides maximum sample security for research or clinical samples.

Kaltis Prime and Merit ultra-low-temperature freezers

14 June, 2011 by

Kaltis specialises in the manufacture of ultra-low-temperature freezers providing storage down to -86°C. The upright models have capacities ranging from 390 to 732 L while the chest models range from 220 to 530 L.

Kaltis Prime/Merit ULT freezers

31 May, 2011

The Kaltis -86°C ULT Freezers can be used to meet demanding sample storage requirements.

Daihan and Powersonic ultrasonic baths

11 April, 2011 by

Thermoline distributes a large range of analog and digital control ultrasonic baths which are suitable for cleaning small to medium- sized items which have hard-to-reach places.

Thermo Scientific Polar series chillers

03 February, 2011 by

The Thermo Scientific Polar series chillers are a versatile and economical option for laboratory cooling and heating needs. The bathless design minimises the evaporation of temperature fluid during daily use.

Instructions for Cryopreservation

01 October, 2010

Cryopreservation may compromise cell quality and performance. Performance of the cells CANNOT be guaranteed after cryopreservation.

Arctic refrigerated circulators

06 August, 2010 by

Arctic refrigerated circulators feature a stainless steel reservoir and are offered in a range of sizes and depths. With capacities from 5 to 30 L, units offer recessed handles and a drain port opening at the front. The advanced ventilation design allows two sides of the bath to be blocked (allowing placement in a room corner) and still deliver full refrigeration performance without affecting the equipment. Temperature range of the series is from -25 to +150°C.

Thermoline refrigerated incubator for TPS-16 platelet shaker

04 August, 2010 by

This bench-mounted refrigerated incubator has been specifically designed to suit the TPS-16 platelet shaker from Thermoline. The TPS-16 reciprocating shaker has been specifically designed to hold platelet bags, which include the new larger bags being adopted. This model operates at a fixed speed of 60 strokes/min. Seven slide-out shelves are supplied standard, plus one fixed top shelf.

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