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SCIEX P/ACE MDQ Plus capillary electrophoresis system

01 September, 2021

The product offers fast and practical high-resolution separation for quantification of charged and polar analytes.

Safe and practical sign usage in laboratory settings

03 December, 2019

Safety signage is an effective way to regularly remind all employees, contractors and visitors of their safety responsibilities in the laboratory.

Echelon Biosciences ExoTracker and ExoClean extracellular vesicle (EV) labelling and purification kits

25 November, 2019

Echelon Biosciences' ExoTracker kits utilise membrane- or RNA-specific fluorophores to label extracellular vesicles in cell culture and tissue samples. Post-labelling, the ExoClean EV purification kit provides a simple two-step system for purifying extracellular vesicles/exosomes.

Biotage Atlantic ReadyDisk solid-phase extraction (SPE) disks

20 May, 2019

Biotage has announced the Atlantic ReadyDisk product family of solid-phase extraction (SPE) disks, pre-assembled into single-use holders, for extracting semi-volatile organic compounds from aqueous samples.

QualiTru TruDraw aseptic milk sampling system

13 April, 2018

TruDraw is a single-use aseptic sampling system for liquid dairy products developed by QualiTru. It includes a disposable blue cap, a sterile 59 mL container and an attached sterile needle to draw a sample in, protecting against the risk of external contamination.

Bluechiip Cryogenic Delta Tag

25 September, 2017

The Bluechiip Cryogenic Delta Tag is a highly miniaturised passive identification device for wireless tracking and management of high-value biological samples in cold storage medical applications.

Thermo Scientific Samco Clicktainer leakproof vials

19 July, 2017

The lid-lock design of the Thermo Scientific Samco Clicktainer vials makes them suitable for the secure transport of valuable and often hazardous clinical, research and forensic samples.

Tecan Fluent ID barcode scanner for rapid tube identification

07 April, 2017

Tecan is helping to reduce waiting times for bulk sample identification with a high-speed barcode scanner for its Fluent laboratory automation solution.

Bel-Art – SP Scienceware EcoTensil Disposable Paper Sampling Spoons

20 January, 2017

EcoTensil Disposable Paper Sampling Spoons from Bel-Art – SP Scienceware are made of a coated paperboard that stands up to powders, gels and semisolids.

Hamilton Storage LabElite DeCapper, I.D. Capper and I.D. Reader

11 January, 2017

Hamilton Storage has announced upgrades to the LabElite DeCapper, I.D. Capper and I.D. Reader for continued workflow efficiencies in tube-based sample management.

Selective fragmentation for geochronology

23 August, 2016

In the world of geological analysis, sample preparation is critical. The ability to extract minerals of interest, like zircons, for geochronology studies is key to the success of a project.

Lighthouse Active Count 100 microbiological sampler

17 May, 2016

The Lighthouse ActiveCount 100 is a high-performance portable microbial air sampler suitable for use in cleanrooms and aseptic environments.

Enzo CYTAG CGH Labeling Kits

15 April, 2016

With optimised reagents, Enzo's CYTAG CGH Labeling Kits produce high-quality data using as little as 0.25 µg of genomic DNA. The kit contains the restriction enzymes AluI and RsaI, plus PCR and gel clean-up columns.

Ziath HandHeld portable scanner

25 January, 2016

Ziath has released the HandHeld portable scanner, providing users with the ability to immediately identify tubes and track samples when away from the lab. This includes manual picking from repositories, as well as effective recording when collecting samples in the field.

HunterLab D25 NC colour measurement instrument

29 September, 2015

The D25 NC is specifically designed to measure both large and small irregularly shaped products such as capsules, tablets, extruded plastic parts, building materials, minerals, crushed rock, crystals and cosmetics. It easily manages granules and powders of all sizes, as well as opaque liquids, gels and pastes.

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