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Rheosys Merlin VR Viscometer/Rheometer

22 January, 2018

The Rheosys Merlin VR is a versatile instrument that can easily generate precise data in terms of viscosity, flow curves and yield stress. It is suitable for investigating the mixing, stirring and pumping behaviour of coatings, emulsions and dispersions, as well as for performing conventional flow and viscosity profile experiments.

Malvern Kinexus series rotational rheometers

01 October, 2017

The Malvern Kinexus series is a rotational rheometer that enables optimal flexibility for advanced research, to define material characteristics from viscosity to viscoelasticity. Sequence-driven rSpace software allows fully customisable test design and SOP operation.

Malvern Kinexus DSR for asphalt testing

30 September, 2016

The Kinexus DSR is a dynamic shear rotational rheometer designed to meet R&D requirements in the asphalt sector, enabling optimal flexibility in rheological protocols and test capabilities.

Postnova PN3310 Viscometer detector

20 August, 2016

The Postnova PN3310 Viscometer detector is an intrinsic viscosity detector for size-exclusion chromatography (SEC/GPC) and field-flow fractionation (FFF) systems. It is based on the Wheatstone-Bridge design for measuring the intrinsic viscosity of macromolecules in solution.

Lamy Rheology rheometers, viscometers and texture analysers

08 June, 2016

Lamy Rheology has released a range of rheometers, viscometers and texture analysers. The range has a modern design with a 7″ colour touch screen.

Malvern Kinexus rheometer

27 November, 2015

The Malvern Kinexus rheometer incorporates innovations and measurement geometries that enable optimal flexibility in rheological test capabilities. Complex fluids and soft solids can be characterised and their rheological properties measured using customised tests with minimum user effort.

Malvern Kinexus rotational rheometer

28 August, 2015

The Malvern Kinexus rotational rheometer is used extensively throughout the food industry to customise formulations and achieve products with the right look, feel or stability. The Kinexus enables detailed exploration of the internal structural features which underpin the performance of foods.

Anton Paar Powder Cell for the MCR rheometer series

10 August, 2015

The Anton Paar Powder Cell, for the MCR rheometer series, makes it possible to simulate and determine powder flow under different conditions. An MCR rheometer plus a Powder Cell is a suitable combination for true rheological investigations of powders in quality control as well as research and development.

Malvern m-VROCi microfluidic viscometer/rheometer

01 September, 2014

The Malvern m-VROCi delivers accurate and robust viscosity measurements for low-viscosity materials to extreme shear rates.

Thermo Scientific HAAKE Viscotester iQ Rheometer

14 May, 2014

The Thermo Scientific HAAKE Viscotester iQ Rheometer enables users to measure and analyse the rheological properties of a wide range of different samples, increasing efficiency and minimising the risk of operator error.

Brookfield DV2T viscometers and DV3T rheometers

12 March, 2014

Brookfield has improved viscosity measurement by combining the ease of touch-screen technology with the features of its DV-II Viscometers and DV-III Rheometers. The result is the Brookfield DV2T viscometers and DV3T rheometers.

On Site Generating Solutions Khione LN2 Generation Plant

15 January, 2014

The Khione LN2 Generation Plant is an efficient alternative to conventional liquid nitrogen supplies. The product removes the ongoing costs and safety considerations of the delivery and transportation of traditional liquid gas supplies.

Rheology Solutions offers free instrument testing

28 November, 2013

Rheology Solutions is offering free access to its testing laboratory and rheological technical staff during the months of December 2013 and January 2014. Anyone putting together budget allocations for viscometers or rheometers is invited to contact the company to book their lab time.

Malvern Instruments Kinexus Series rheometers

18 November, 2013

The Kinexus Series extends the strengths of the Kinexus rotational rheometer. The Kinexus Ultra+ is optimised for advanced research applications. The Kinexus Pro+ model is suitable for a wide variety of routine, research and development applications.

Malvern Instruments Kinexus rotational rheometer

30 June, 2013

The Kinexus rotational rheometer from Malvern Instruments is based on an understanding of real analyst needs. The intelligent user interface assures intuitive operation delivering consistent, accurate and precise sample measurement from simple viscosity to complex viscoelastic parameters.

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