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Embryo selection biomarkers help reduce time to pregnancy

22 December, 2021

Scientists have identified two biological markers to improve embryo selection for IVF patients, which should help them to get pregnant sooner.

Breath test helps tailor precise treatments for epilepsy

13 August, 2021

The new technology provides doctors with a non-invasive test that gives them immediate clues as to how well the course of therapy is going.

Biomarkers in urine can determine asthma subtypes

22 January, 2021

Researchers have used a urine test to identify and verify a patient's type of asthma, laying the foundation for a more personalised diagnosis and improved treatment.

Bruker B.I.QUANT-UR 1.1 module for metabolite quantification in urine

19 February, 2020

Bruker's B.I.QUANT-UR 1.1 module automatically quantifies up to 150 endogenous and disease-related metabolites from urine, allowing users to obtain precise, sensitive and fully reproducible results, even below the limit of detection (LOD).

Online metabolomics portal launches

04 October, 2018

PhenoMeNal is an online portal that allows researchers and clinicians to analyse large metabolomics datasets.

Metabolite measurement device inspired by Star Trek

26 September, 2018

A newly developed medical device pairs a handheld sensor with a smartphone app and measures the levels of various metabolites in fluid samples from patients.

Thermo Fisher and SRI partner to enhance small molecule research

11 July, 2017

Life sciences company Thermo Fisher Scientific and research centre SRI International have announced a collaboration to enhance small molecule research. 

Bruker B.I.QUANT-UR module of Avance IVDr NMR platform

27 June, 2017

Bruker has announced a product for the quantification of metabolites in urine using nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR). The B.I.QUANT-UR module of the company's Avance IVDr (In Vitro Diagnostics research) NMR platform is designed to provide precise, sensitive and fully reproducible results that have demonstrated potential in preclinical animal and clinical/translational research.

A chemical signature for chronic fatigue syndrome

01 September, 2016

US researchers have identified a characteristic chemical signature that they believe will improve diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome and provide clinical targets for personalised care.

Sercon ABCA2 breath analyser for helicobacter pylori detection

04 May, 2016

Good performance and versatility, combined with user-friendly software, make the ABCA2 from Sercon a suitable choice for 13C breath tests for helicobacter pylori detection. Enabling high throughput, the product is based on isotope ratio mass spectrometry (IRMS) and provides 0.1% precision.

Worm your way out of obesity

13 May, 2013

Researchers have shown in a mouse model that infection with roundworms (nematodes) can not only combat obesity but ameliorate related metabolic disorders.

Metabolomics and mass spectrometry at Murdoch University

25 April, 2013 by Lauren Davis

Through the national network for metabolite analysis and identification, Metabolomics Australia, Murdoch University’s Separation Science and Metabolomics Laboratory recently received $1 million for infrastructure and equipment.

Metabolite-based diagnostic test could help detect pancreatic cancer early

02 April, 2013

A new diagnostic test that uses a scientific technique known as metabolomic analysis may be a safe and easy screening method that could improve the prognosis of patients with pancreatic cancer through earlier detection.

Abraxis ELISA assays and test kits

15 May, 2012

United Bioresearch has available the complete range of Abraxis ELISA assays and test kits for real-time testing for endocrine disrupting chemicals, estrogens, antibiotics, pesticides, industrial chemicals, surfactants, marine biotoxins, cyanotoxins, mycotoxins, residues, additives and vitellogenin.

Roche Cedex Bio Bioprocess Analyzer

21 October, 2011

The Roche Cedex Bio Bioprocess Analyzer is a continuous random-access analyser, enabling a safe and reliable determination of chemical and biochemical parameters in aqueous solutions. The compact desktop system is designed to fulfil the essential needs for metabolite screening and substrate analysis of bioprocesses.

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