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Seahorse Extracellular Flux (XF) Analyzer

17 August, 2011 by

The Seahorse Extracellular Flux (XF) Analyzer makes cellular bioenergetic studies simple, efficient and user friendly. The in vitro metabolic measurement systems non-invasively profile the metabolic activity of cells in minutes, offering a physiologic cell-based assay for determination of basal oxygen consumption, glycolysis rates, ATP turnover and respiratory capacity in a single experiment to assess mitochondrial dysfunction.

Ion Torrent Ion OneTouch automated sample preparation system

16 June, 2011 by

The Ion Torrent Ion OneTouch System is an automated sample preparation system for the Ion Personal Genome Machine (PGM) sequencer that eliminates complexity, reduces hands-on time to 5 min and offers walk-away convenience.

Building a complete metabolic model

22 September, 2009

Scientists have developed a comprehensive model of the metabolic network overlaid with an atomic resolution of network proteins of Thermotoga maritim.

Photometric analyser

08 April, 2009 by

Innovatis has introduced the CuBiAn Photometric Biochemistry Analyser, a fully automated, membrane-free chemical analyser that measures key parameters in cell culture media, including IgG. The analyser is designed to provide robust usage and high reproducibility with minimal calibration and maintenance requirements.

Metabolite detection kits

07 April, 2009 by

The Cayman Chemical Nitrate/Nitrite Colormetric Assay Kit provides an accurate and convenient method for measurement of total nitrate/nitrite concentration in a simple two-step process.

Organ chamber

01 July, 2008

The Moist Chamber type 834/8 from Harvard Apparatus is a flexible and useful tool for perfusion of organs, such as liver and kidney from typical rodent models.

Metabolite identification software

06 March, 2008

MetWorks 1.1.0 is an updated version of Thermo Fisher Scientific's metabolite identification software. The software facilitates automated acquisition, processing and reporting of LC/MSn data in support of biotransformation studies. MetWorks software is compatible with all Thermo Scientific mass spectrometers capable of performing MS/MS and MSn fragmentation. In addition, MetWorks allows high-resolution accurate mass data from the Thermo Scientific LTQ Orbitrap and LTQ FT instruments to be fully leveraged.

Metabolite identification

09 October, 2006

Applied Biosystems and its joint venture partner, MDS Sciex have announced the global availability of a drug discovery application that enables pharmaceutical companies and contract research organisations to more quickly and accurately screen drug candidates.

Metabolic mouse cage

21 April, 2005

The Nalgene mouse metabolic cage is claimed to be the first metabolic cage specifically designed to collect urine and faeces from a single mouse.

Metabolomics - an important emerging science

08 March, 2005 by Dr John Ryals*

As with any emerging science there is some controversy regarding nomenclature, but the newly formed Metabolomics Society seems to be adhering to a convention consistent with the other '-omic' sciences

Genetic basis for metabolic diseases detected

26 September, 2004

Oxford geneticists have closed in on the genetic basis for risk factors of metabolic diseases such as hypertension, obesity and diabetes.

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