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Fluidic Analytics Fluidity One-W for protein analysis

02 September, 2019

The Fluidity One-W instrument, from Fluidic Analytics, is able to assess on-target protein interactions in solution, even in crude biological backgrounds such as cell lysates or blood plasma.

Unchained Labs Stunner instrument for protein analysis

01 May, 2019

The Stunner from Unchained Labs enables users to measure protein size and concentration in the same instrument. In fact, its multifunctional nature enables the measurement of several properties, allowing users to optimise their formulations quickly.

Invent Biotechnologies Minute Protein Extraction Kits

02 April, 2019

Invent Biotechnologies' Minute Protein Extraction Kits enable the rapid extraction of protein from all living organisms and tissues in as quick as 1 min.

Proteomics — Properties, Functions and Characterisation of Proteins

01 February, 2019

Proteins play critical roles in biological systems, such as enzymes, transporters/ion channels, antibodies, structural components and much more.

LenioBio ALiCE cell-free protein expression system

22 October, 2018

LenioBio's ALiCE is a high-yield cell-free protein expression (CFPE) system.

Thermo Scientific FAIMS Pro interface

30 August, 2018

When integrated with a high-resolution mass spectrometer, the Thermo Scientific FAIMS Pro interface is designed to increase the breadth and depth of proteins scientists can identify while reducing time-consuming sample preparation steps.

HumanZyme Recombinant Human Activin A

01 August, 2018

Xeno-free Recombinant Human Activin A from HumanZyme is a member of the TGF beta superfamily, expressed from human 293 cells as disulfide-linked homodimer with an apparent molecular mass of 25 kDa.

Detailed protein data isolated from single human cells

13 July, 2018

Scientists have had one of their clearest looks yet at the molecular happenings inside a human cell.

HumanZyme HumaXpress human cell expression system

21 May, 2018

HumanZyme has developed the HumaXpress human cell expression system, which produces authentic recombinant HumanKine proteins with correct post-translational modifications, subunit assembly, folding, secretion and stability.

The power of proteomics

22 February, 2018 by Adam Florance

Renowned proteomics researcher Dr Valerie Wasinger has been at the forefront of proteomics research since the inception of the field in 1995.

Gilson Extractman magnetic bead platform

30 March, 2017

Gilson's Extractman magnetic bead platform offers a fast, single-step purifying method that better retains weakly bound protein complexes.

GeneTex Trident Membrane Protein Extraction Kit

22 January, 2017

The GeneTex Trident Membrane protein extraction kit is suitable for the rapid extraction of native total membrane proteins from cultured mammalian cells or tissues. The kit comes in two convenient sizes of five and 20 tests.

Thermo Scientific SMART Digest Immunoaffinity (IA) Kit

21 October, 2016

The Thermo Scientific SMART Digest Immunoaffinity (IA) Kit combines immunocapture and the digestion process in a single well.

Controlling protein synthesis with light

13 October, 2016

Japanese researchers have shown that they can prevent protein synthesis reactions from taking place using a photoresponsive molecular cage.

AdipoGen Life Sciences tag-free progranulin proteins

17 September, 2016

AdipoGen Life Sciences offers three types of untagged progranulin proteins for human, mouse and rat in vitro and in vivo studies. The product is said to result in higher activity compared to tagged progranulins, reflecting the native sequence with no additional amino acids.

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