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Oral UTI vaccine prevents infection for up to nine years

12 April, 2024

An oral spray-based vaccine could help prevent recurrent urinary tract infections (UTIs) for up to nine years, offering a potential alternative to antibiotic treatments.

A solution for sleep apnoea could be right under your nose

09 April, 2024

When used in a nasal spray, potassium channel blockers have the potential to increase the activity of the muscles that keep the upper airway open.

Creating a genetic medicine manufacturing ecosystem: part 5

18 March, 2024 by Peter Davis, ATA Scientific

When it comes to the mission to democratise medicine, Australia has a material opportunity to affirm its destiny and be a global leader.

$50m grant to power Artificial Heart Frontiers Program

11 March, 2024

The MRFF-funded Artificial Heart Frontiers Program will seek to develop and commercialise three key devices to treat the most common forms of heart failure.

Plasma treatment used to heal chronic wounds

29 February, 2024

The treatment involves boosting the plasma activation of hydrogel dressings with a unique mix of different chemical oxidants that decontaminate and help heal chronic wounds.

Spider silk-inspired electrode wraps around tissues and organs

21 February, 2024

Scientists have created a flexible electrode that wraps around muscles, nerves and hearts to deliver electrical stimulation to tissues or record electrical activity.

Bowel cancer drugs tested on tumour organoids

14 February, 2024

A research team has grown tumour organoids in the lab, in order to predict what drugs will work for bowel cancer patients before they begin treatment.

Successful embryo transfer could save rhinos from extinction

29 January, 2024

The successful embryo transfer and pregnancy of a southern white rhino allow researchers to safely move to the transfer of northern white rhino embryos.

Special contact lenses can diagnose glaucoma

24 January, 2024

Researchers have developed a contact lens that can detect changes in eye pressure that signal possible glaucoma.

Enzyme-targeting drug stops tumour growth in multiple cancers

19 January, 2024

An enzyme critically associated with tumour growth has long been a target for researchers, but until now it has been difficult to successfully inhibit it.

Rhesus monkey cloned using new scientific method

18 January, 2024 by Lauren Davis

Chinese researchers have reported the successful cloning of a rhesus monkey, which has so far survived to two years of age.

TGA approves RSV vaccine for Australians aged 60+

17 January, 2024

AREXVY, which has already been approved for use in the UK, the European Union, the US, Canada and Japan, is a protein-based vaccine given as a single dose.

Exosome-based drug delivery system for Alzheimer's treatment

12 January, 2024

Researchers have developed a novel approach to deliver the bioactive compound Corynoxine-B to the brains of Alzheimer's patients using exosomes.

La Trobe University to host mRNA and AI facilities

19 December, 2023

BioNTech will develop and commission a state-of-the-art mRNA clinical-scale manufacturing facility at La Trobe University's Melbourne campus.

BiomeBank's new GMP facility to scale up microbiome therapy

15 December, 2023

BiomeBank has opened a new GMP manufacturing facility, located in Adelaide's biomedical precinct, in order to increase global supply of the company's donor-derived microbiome-based therapy.

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