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New MDMA variants could enable safe psychotherapeutic use

11 July, 2024

The newly developed MDMA variants have been modified in such a way that the positive effects are retained and the negative effects are reduced.

Treating rare skin diseases with transplants

05 July, 2024

Researchers at Nagoya University have treated the skin diseases epidermolytic ichthyosis (EI) and ichthyosis with confetti (IWC) by transplanting genetically healthy skin to inflamed areas.

New therapy could treat hypertension-induced organ damage

28 June, 2024

Compound17b (Cmpd17b) is a potent therapeutic agent capable of safeguarding against the ravages of high blood pressure on vital organs.

Nanoparticle could help map, treat children's brain cancer

26 June, 2024

The nanoparticle could be used for delivering small interfering RNA (siRNA) directly to the brain cancer site, slowing tumour growth without causing signs of toxicity.

Nanodroplet drug carriers triggered by ultrasound

24 June, 2024

By releasing the drug at exactly the desired spot in the body, this allows the total dose to be dramatically lower, which should minimise side effects.

Drug trial results show lung cancer patients are living longer

21 June, 2024

Five years after treatment, 60% of patients treated with lorlatinib remained alive and without disease progression; this compared to just 8% for patients who received crizotinib.

Bionic eye recipients demonstrate clear vision improvements

20 June, 2024

Results from a clinical trial of a second-generation bionic eye have demonstrated substantial improvement in four participants' functional vision, daily activities and quality of life.

WEHI launches spinout company to tackle hard-to-treat cancers

19 June, 2024

The technology that Ternarx is pursuing has huge potential to create the next generation of treatments for cancer and other diseases that are currently untreatable.

Queensland Emory Vaccine Centre to be established at UQ

11 June, 2024

The centre will bring together UQ and Emory researchers, along with industry partners, to accelerate the development of vaccines and their delivery.

Magnetic therapy helps to protect against cancer

06 June, 2024

A novel approach to stimulate muscle — by using brief and mild pulsed electromagnetic field exposure — has been used to produce and release proteins possessing anticancer properties.

Nano carrier could enable oral insulin for diabetics

28 May, 2024

A new form of oral insulin utilises a nanoscale material that surrounds individual insulin molecules, acting like a courier to ferry these molecules to the places they need to act.

Gentler form of IVF found to improve success rates

27 May, 2024

The 'soft touch' technique, known as Piezo-ICSI, works by gently penetrating an egg using high-speed vibration, rather than the standard cutting action used in conventional ICSI.

Towards the next generation of vision implants

13 May, 2024

An ultrasmall implant, with electrodes the size of a single neuron that can remain intact in the human body, holds promise for future vision implants for the blind.

New anti-clotting agent has its own 'off switch'

10 May, 2024

The anticoagulant's anti-clotting action can be rapidly stopped on demand, which could enable new surgical and post-operative drugs that minimise the risk of serious bleeding.

One-two punch treatment knocks out acute myeloid leukaemia

08 May, 2024

Researchers paired venetoclax, a current standard-of-care anticancer drug for acute myeloid leukaemia, with a STING agonist, an emerging class of immunotherapy drug.

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