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Alliance Bio Expertise (A.B.E.) microbiology lab automation range

30 November, 2023

The range includes automated microbiology media preparators allowing preparation of media from 1 up to 50 L. These units can be integrated with the A.B.E. petri dish or tube and bottle fillers.

Screening platform identifies drugs to halt cancer spread

30 November, 2023

Invasion-Block is designed to measure the invasive capacity of cancer cells, enabling scientists to assess how well various drugs can prevent the spread of cancer.

MGI MGISP-NEX automated nucleic acid extractor

23 August, 2023

The MGISP-NEX, from MGI, is a versatile automated nucleic acid extractor equipped with an independent 8-channel pipetting module, as well as a magnetic rod extraction module with two types of rods (96/24) that can be flexibly interchanged.

MGI MGIFLP-L50 modular sequencing workstation

22 August, 2023

A one-stop modular sequencing workstation independently developed by MGI, the MGIFLP-L50 integrates extraction, library preparation, sequencing and data analysis (optional) into just one machine.

Can AI fix the life sciences reproducibility crisis?

02 June, 2023 by Jason Wallace*

Researchers may be able to address the reproducibility crisis in the future by using AI to develop life science experiments in a cloud laboratory environment.

Voice-activated system for hands-free pathogen handling

27 February, 2023

Researchers are deploying voice-assistant technology to make the laboratory safer for scientists who handle potentially infectious samples, as well as those with disabilities.

How electronic pipettes can ease the transition to automation

21 November, 2022

The automation of workflows offers significant advantages over manual procedures where high throughput and reproducible results are needed in short time frames.

Waters Extraction+ Connected Device for the Andrew+ Pipetting Robot

17 October, 2022

The device eliminates the need to manually pipette and extract samples with a hands-free, automated approach to solid-phase extraction.

Molecular Devices QPix HT Microbial Colony Picker

02 August, 2022

The QPix HT Microbial Colony Picker is a flexible, modular and fully automated colony picking and library management system, ready for robotics integration for high throughput and walkaway time.

High-throughput automation and genomics for an antimicrobial resistance surveillance system

01 August, 2022 by Sam Abraham*

It is now possible to identify AMR in large numbers of samples obtained from food-producing animals.

Robots help improve the flow of blood donations

16 June, 2022

Researchers have found a way to automate the processing of blood donation packs — a concept that was believed to be impossible.

Automation and shared knowledge pave the way for the future

26 May, 2022 by Luca Valeggia, Senior Vice President, Laboratory Automation

Automation is a vital component to fuel the labs of tomorrow, and to ensure that drug development continues at the rapid pace seen in response to COVID-19.

Bioinformatics tool predicts cell transformation

22 February, 2022

Researchers have developed a new bioinformatics tool for the precise prediction of cell transformation and disease formation, including cancers.

Pathogen analysis system to identify COVID-19 variants

20 May, 2021

The SP3 platform has been repurposed to unify, standardise, analyse and compare sequence data of SARS-CoV-2, identifying variants of concern.

Lonza PyroTec PRO with PyroWave Reader for endotoxin testing

19 April, 2021

Lonza has announced an expansion to its PyroTec PRO automated robotic system for endotoxin testing. The PyroWave Reader add-on has been designed specifically for use with the sustainable PyroGene Recombinant Factor C (rFC) Assay.

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