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AusBiotech 2011: Life science down south

14 October, 2011 by Staff Writers

There’s been a lot going on in the life sciences industry in South Australia, which is the host state for this year’s AusBiotech Conference.

Winning research funding roulette can come down to chance

28 September, 2011 by Tim Dean

Health and medicine research funding is costly and somewhat random, with chance playing a large role in determining who receives research funding and who doesn’t.

Slideshow: Microscopy masterpieces

26 September, 2011 by Staff Writers

Peer into the wonders of the micro with the 37th Annual Nikon Small World Photomicrography Competition, showcasing some of the best microscopy images from researchers around the world. The official judging for the Nikon Small World took place on May 12, 2011. The winners will be announced in October, but Nikon is giving you the chance to pick your favourites among this year’s top entries.

John Mattick to head up Garvan Institute

05 September, 2011 by Tim Dean

Professor John Mattick will steer the Garvan Institute towards a more integrated systems approach when he becomes Executive Director of the institute following the retirement of Professor John Shine.

Opinion: Patently absurd

18 August, 2011 by Staff Writers

The move to ban biological patents will undermine the very intention of the Bill to protect innovation and research into potentially life-saving technologies, says AusBiotech CEO Anna Lavelle.

Feature: Biosecurity batman

27 July, 2011 by Fiona Wylie

CSIRO's Dr Lin-Fa Wang is investigating viruses in bats in the hope of finding insights into how they spread to humans.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Acquires TREK Diagnostic Systems

20 July, 2011 by Staff Writers

Adds TREK’s suite of microbiology products to Thermo Fisher’s line-up.

Opinion: Australian science all “R” and no “D”

06 July, 2011 by Staff Writers

Duncan Jones, Executive Director of Science Industry Australia, argues we need to take the “development” part of the R&D equation more seriously if Australia is to benefit from our investment in research.

Nominations open for 2011 Victoria Prize

06 July, 2011 by Staff Writers

The $50,000 Victoria Prize and six $18,000 Victoria Fellowships are open for nomination, with applications closing 3 August.

Greens table petition supporting medical research

06 July, 2011 by Tim Dean

Over 12,000 signatures adorn a petition in support of continued health and medical research spending that will be tabled in parliament tomorrow by The Greens.

Life Sciences Queensland to officially launch this week

27 June, 2011 by Staff Writers

Life Sciences Queensland, a new industry association for the biotechnology sector in the sunshine state, will officially commence operations on 1 July.

Slideshow: Super resolution microscopy

10 June, 2011 by Tim Dean

Images from Associate Professor Cynthia Whitchurch and Dr Lynne Turnbull and their DeltaVision|OMX microscope.

Feature: Life up close

10 June, 2011 by Tim Dean

Associate Professor Cynthia Whitchurch and Dr Lynne Turnbull are helping to reveal new insights into the smallest features of life care of their new super resolution DeltaVision|OMX microscope.

Comment: Are you ready for the resurgence in Australian life sciences M&A?

07 June, 2011 by Staff Writers

For Australian life sciences companies, the importance of being deal ready is more pressing than at any time since the middle of the last decade.

Super resolution microscopy pinpoints T cell trigger

06 June, 2011 by Tim Dean

Researchers at the University of New South Wales have identified the molecular switch that kicks T cells into action using super-resolution fluorescence microscopy.

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